VOLUME 14: ANTHOLOGY OF WELLBEING A fascinating and inspiring guide to the world of design and art, the "Anthology of Wellbeing" takes you on a journey through stories of creative businesses that explore the idea of wellbeing and wellness. A modern-day buzzword, the concept of wellbeing seems to be making its way into mainstream design, retail and art. In this curated collection of thoughts and ideas, the featured independent brands, designers and artists share stories of using this concept in their design work and products, from conceptualisation to the final outcome. Divided into four chapters (Risk-takers, Changemakers, Forward thinkers and Inspirers), each story provides an insight into principles, practices, beliefs and missions the featured brands have, all with a strong purpose to do good in the world; for people and the planet. WHAT’S INSIDE? 1. Our cover story is by Dutch-based photographer Tse Kao featuring a thought-provoking, collaborative project called "Blendscape". 2. RISK-TAKERS – This chapter tells the stories of small creative businesses who took risks to change the course of their journey and use art (Art by Punam) and design (Tatie Lou) to provide an escape into a place of calm and beautiful memories. 3. CHANGEMAKERS – This chapter focuses on creative lifestyle brands who are passionate about providing "feel good" experiences whether it's through wellbeing beauty or home decor products. 4. FORWARD THINKERS – This chapter tells stories of businesses that do things differently. We tell the story of of Biophilic design, right from the global expert on this design concept, Oliver Heath. 5. INSPIRERS – Our final chapter focuses on uplifting personal stories of creatives in business including a family owned interiors brand and design studio Cotswold Grey and international luxury leather accessory brand Grace Han. AND MUCH MORE!! A special bonus: our BLACK BOOK is BACK! Start collecting industry contacts! A MAGAZINE TO KEEP Anthology of Wellbeing magazine is a luxurious product printed on a beautiful paper, which you won’t ever want to part with. Printed in the UK on luxury recycled FSC paper. We don't use virgin FSC paper unless circumstances beyond our control prevent us to do so. 92 pages of exclusive, print-only content that is 100% advert-free matt luxurious cover original photography inspirational interviews on self-empowerment and business in creative industries resource for future reference exclusive limited edition PRICE INCLUDES £3.00 POSTAGE.


From innovative social retail, disruptive beauty brands to natural luxe interiors and maximalist art, this edition is a must-read for any creative.

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