How to communicate your purpose-driven brand message


how to communicate your purpose-driven brand message

Most independent brands have purpose at its core of their brand existence. Being a purpose-driven brand is not only an attractive proposition to shoppers but also it has many commercial benefits. From larger potential customer bases, gaining more customer loyalty to customers being less price sensitive, having a purpose-driven model can set your business for a bright future.

Customers who shop at purpose driven brands are willing to switch their loyalty and change shopping habits in order to turn negative environmental and social impact into something more meaningful and positive. It has been reported that 49% of customers are willing to pay more that average for products and invest in brands who share such strong values with them.

In terms of messaging, what customers want and expect from purpose-driven brands?


Customers who shop and consume products from purpose-driven brands want to be educated. They demand brands to tell them how they are contributing to making a change and how their purchase is making a difference. They want to see evidence of that in action, whether it’s through storytelling ( e.g. video content), hard evidence or facts.


Some customers like to get involved in the brand’s mission more actively. Building a community of customer who share similar ethical and social purposes help them feel more engaged, and in return the brand benefits from “purpose-loyalty”. Communicate why they should be part of your journey and stick around.


Furthermore, a study by IBM and the National Retail Federation found that purpose-driven customers prefer brand purpose over cost and convenience, making such customers less price sensitive. What they demand is that what they pay for is fairly priced and they get a good value.

Case study

One of the brands who ESTILA featured before is Shiv Textiles. Started in 2017 in Brighton, Shiv Textiles rescues and upcycles waste from the textile industry by turning deadstock materials – yarn, zips, selvedges, buttons and more into fine homeware and accessories as well as sustainable weaving kits. Siobhan, the founder sums up the brand’s values: “We work hard to make our supply chain as low-impact as possible. Our weaving kits laser cut locally from environmentally friendly plywood, while our cushions inners are made to order by a family-run business just outside of London. We offset our carbon footprint by supporting tree-planting programmes through Ecologi.”

Customers are drawn to Shiv Textiles because of the values they share together. Not only they get the joy of buying and using their products, they also feel good about themselves because of the contribution they made by purchasing from the brand.

Top tips

  1. Tell compelling stories that highlight the purpose-driven values at the core of your business. Be the educator.
  2. Show the impact your business is making on the world through the purpose-driven actions you’re taking.
  3. Avoid complicated jargon. Simplify your communication through infographics or illustrations.
  4. Use video format to bring customers closer to your purpose. Be transparent and authentic.
  5. Think long-term success over short-term gain.


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Written by Karolina Barnes, STUDIO/ESTILA

STUDIO/ESTILA is a brand design studio and marketing consultancy helping designers and purpose-driven brands deliver exceptional, customer-centric storytelling experiences. From branding, brand story strategy, website design to photography, visuals and strategic collaborations, we open new opportunities and possibilities for our clients.

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