Merging hospitality with artistic creativity: project by THiRTYONE Design


Posthome by ThirtyOne Design

Milano-based design firm THiRTYONE Design revealed its POSThome 2022 project, merging hospitality, creativity and comfort into one. Led by designer and founder Claudia Campone, this hybrid project involved a radical spatial and furnishing elements and renovation which brought together a partnership with some of the most prominent names on the international design scene.

With the aim of becoming a creative retreat, the apartment is a place in which you can rediscover your deepest intuitional roots and let yourself be inspired by the footprints left by not only the designers and artists but also the guests who come and go.

The POSThome pushes the boundaries of a traditional home with shared / community spaces. Conceived as a residential project, the apartment is a home-studio: the answer to the need for hybrid spaces where you can live and at the same time meet and work in a simple way.


On entering the apartment, guests are greeted by an entrance hall, a filter-space between indoors and outdoors which reinforces the feeling of intimacy inside of the property. The focal point of the hall is the brightly coloured alcove, virtually sectioned-off, acting as a contemporary reinterpretation of the old phone booth for communicating with the outside world when we used to be restricted by only the telephone line.

Collaborating with an artist Bea Roggero Fossati, it features a sculptural artwork called Liquid/Static, telling the story of microscopic worlds deep in the oceans.

The chair chosen for this little  is inspired by the medieval choir benches that facilitated breathing and enhanced the singers’ voices: in this way, the time spent for example by recharging your mobile device becomes a me-time, time to take a breath and slow down to the right pace.

As you enter the main living area, which dialogues in a fluid manner with the other rooms of the apartment, you notice natural light flowing from one end to the other, spreading uninterruptedly throughout the residence.

A large central island defines the living area, the hub of all activities, designed to gather the fruits of creative processes whether it’s work or cooking. Furthermore, its spaciousness highlights the meticulous care taken by Studio Thirtyone Design + Management in their choice of surface finishes.

The bedroom area that opens ups directly from the living space becomes part of smart-living. The space in front of the bed has been dedicated to relaxation and physical exercise, equipped with a wall-mounted barre, commonly used for ballet exercises. Furthermore, a stepladder provides access to a raised platform, which is an intimate space that encourages self-awareness and meditation to foster a separation from other elements in favour of reconnecting with your innermost self.

The home-working area has been designed to ensure that the compactness of its furnishings makes work sessions simpler and more functional.

As Claudia says: “Following a period in which we had nothing but our own resources to fall back on, confined to ever smaller spaces, the prospect of travel has resumed its role in our lives. We no longer travel and will not travel for contingent purposes that can now be performed by technology but will do so to satisfy our longing for sense-related experiences, to rekindle our most authentic sociality, as a source of inspiration, to tap fresh energies and new stimuli”.


Claudia Campone founded Thirtyone in 2015 as a multidisciplinary Design firm after a wide international experience in the Retail Design field.
Thirtyone comes from an Italian expression: “Once you have done Thirty, you can also do ThirtyOne”; and they believe there is always room for that extra step further, leading to new discoveries.
In every creative process Claudia promotes a sharing design methodology with her team as well as every stakeholder.
Every project becomes a collective-led storytelling.




Via Teodosio 15, Milan (Italy)

Liquid / Static: by Bea Roggero Fossati

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Photo credits: Valentina Sommariva | Anna Benedetto

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