Roome London



ROOME LONDON is a bold new concept in luxury furniture design that elegantly bridges the gap between art, fashion and furniture.

Working with the world’s most talented fashion designers, illustrators and artists, we translate evocative prints onto sumptuous upholstery and showcase them with elegant furniture shapes, creating distinctive and original pieces that reflect your individual style. A fusion of creativity and craftsmanship, every ROOME LONDON piece is made with passion, imagination and an unwavering attention to detail. All our furniture is hand-crafted in England by highly skilled artisans who apply traditional, time-honoured techniques to create exquisite pieces of furniture and art.


Laura and Caroline Allnatt are two sisters with a shared vision for imaginative furniture design. After working for 20 years in the fashion and art worlds, their experiences, knowledge and passion for creativity brought them together to create the ROOME LONDON concept.

Their aim was to combine the beauty of a painted canvas with the functionality of furniture, elevating every interior while creating a stylish form of self-expression. Driven by the belief that spaces should represent those who dwell in them, great emphasis has been placed on each bespoke piece of furniture telling its own story – with each print imbuing a different personality.