From innovative social retail, disruptive beauty brands to natural luxe interiors and maximalist art, this edition is a must-read for any creative.

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Since 2015 we have been championing and supporting rising voices of independent design, fashion and art worlds.

Powered by STUDIO/ESTILA, a brand design agency and business consultancy, our mission is to support ambitious founders and business owners of emerging and growing design and independent brands at every stage of their business journey; whether that’s through sharing their brand story in our publication or through our founders club and its resources within in.


Knowing the many potential challenges, setbacks and pitfalls of building a brand from scratch, we are here to help ambitious creative founders grow their unique businesses into successful brands.


Having been in business ourselves for almost three decades, we know how hard it is to start a business and build it into a successful brand. When we started ESTILA back in 2015, we realised that independent brands we interviewed for our magazine needed help beyond the brand exposure we could offer them. We started to give them advice on all aspects of business, with focus on how to turn a business into a brand that customers love and talk about. And so we set out on a slightly different journey, outside of publishing, and started a collaborative community brimming with expert insights, creative talent, up-to-date industry news and a far-reaching audience that is an invaluable tool for all ambitious, creative brands.


We have set up ESTILA platform to support independent fashion, interiors and lifestyle brands, interior designers and artists, in particular. We believe that as our high streets are going through changes and reform, with major players leaving it behind, local independent businesses, with sustainable values and ethos, have the potential to shape the future of how we shop locally, becoming lifestyle and social hubs. Supporting such businesses is therefore crucial for the future growth and prosperity.


Information in business is gold. Our platform offers latest independent design and art news, insights and information on most challenging and pressing issues modern independent brands face, some available exclusively to our members only.


Our printed bookazines showcase the stories of newcomers into the industry, changemakers, forward thinkers and inspirers – businesses that think differently, do innovative things and are ahead of trends.


ESTILA Founders Club helps founders future proof their business. THE CLUB is built around its members’ needs and ambitions at any stage of the business cycle. Our three pillars of focus are: brand awareness, progressive growth and quality connections.



Headed by multidisciplinary creative and strategic brand storyteller, Karolina Barnes, we are a brand design agency and business consultancy that focuses on helping lifestyle, design and purpose driven brands with their storytelling and experiential strategies for growth. From small independents to high street brands, our STUDIO creates customer driven brand identities, stories and unique campaigns that increase brand awareness, visibility and customer loyalty.

Karolina’s background is in retail, design and hospitality. She was involved in business from her teens when her parents started a family distribution and retail business. After gaining her degree in economics and business studies, she started her own businesses in various industries. In 2013, she retrained as an interior designer and two years later founded ESTILA with a mission to share and highlight inspiring stories of British design, sustainability, craftsmanship and innovation within creative industries. Through interviewing brand founders and working with marketing teams she developed a storytelling formula which helps to shape the way brands communicate their story, ethos, purpose, mission and vision. She regularly speaks on the subject of storytelling in marketing, PR and sales at design-led trade shows and business events.

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