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by Karolina Barnes
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ESTILA is a multiplatform independent British ad-free premium bookazine and multidiscipline content studio that encourages and teaches creatives and designers to share their inspirational business stories. Since 2015 we have been championing small independent brands and emerging artists.


Our mission is simple: to create and deliver stories that connect, educate and inspire. Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do – whether that’s creating content for ESTILA or working with brands and designers on their content and messaging through on-brand graphic design work.


Bookazine combines all the great things about a magazine – beautiful, inspiring photography and easy-to-read layouts -with the timelessness and specific appeal of books.



ESTILA is an inspirational and informative publication telling the stories of creative business owners, emerging artists and designers. It’s a lifestyle publication with a business angle. We believe that we learn most through case studies and experience. Business is not easy and so we want to share experiences, tips, lessons learnt and challenges that have been overcome so we can spark ideas and help you to progress.


ESTILA tries to avoid the information overload and so its layout and content is easy on the eye and fluid. Our strength is providing highly visual, inspiring experience and informative content without being interrupted by adverts and hard promotional pages.


ESTILA extends beyond the content. It is a fast growing community of creatives in business. We heavily encourage collaborations and creating long-lasting working relationships between designers, artists,  brands and small independent retailers. Through ESTILA features and our own network, designers and artists are discovered by brands and retailers, and  independent brands are able to find new designers to collaborate with.

We regularly hear stories of featured artists being stocked in independent boutiques or getting a commission work from interior designers, while textile and pattern designers making meaningful connections with interior designers and other brands to work together on bespoke projects. That’s what our community is here for. 


Once you become our subscriber, you will be automatically added to our community. At the moment, we have a closed FB group for everyone we feature and our subscribers, which is a safe and spam-free place to make new connections, ask questions, share ideas, experiences and knowledge. KNOWLEDGE and COLLABORATIONS are heavily encouraged.

We publish our digital issues monthly ( ESTILA EDIT ) and premium limited print issues quarterly  ( ESTILA VOLUME ). Our website is filled with original content that is different from our issues. It serves as a platform for up-and-coming independent brands and designers to showcase their talent and tell their story. You can follow us for updates and behind the scenes on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.  If you’d like to submit your product, design project or story, please go here. You can find our latest issue here.


ESTILA was founded by an interior designer and entrepreneur Karolina Barnes. After feeling overwhelmed with endless, generic information from reading print magazines, online publications and blogs, I decided to create a publication which curates the best content and focuses more on providing valuable information and inspiring stories.  I want to tell you life stories of the creatives I meet, who are passionate about the things they do and the businesses they run. Through their stories, I hope, we can trigger a creative spark in you, which not only will set you on a new journey but also opens the opportunities which are available to you. To find out more about our team, please click here.


We focus on featuring local (not global) design and creativity. Most brands we interview and feature are championing local manufacturing, craftsmanship and sustainability. To reflect that, we print our bookazine in the U.K. Moreover, our distribution is very exclusive with each copy going into the hands of a reader who treasures it rather than throws it away. Learning about the print publishing industry and how wasteful and harmful to our planet it is,  this is something which is very important to us.


We believe that running a business gives us the opportunity to do good. Through our bookazine subscriptions, events and other collaborative projects we raise money for Brain Tumour Charity UK. You can read Karolina’s story and reason why we support this charity here.


Our readers are design-obsessed and love discovering new designers, brands and artists. Most of our readers are collecting our bookazine volumes because they love to hang on to its content for future reference or a dose of inspiration. Our readership includes interior designers, interiors bloggers and influencers, stylists, fashion designers, graphic designers, artists, illustrators and other creatives. Here is what they say about it:

Sophisticated, female empowering style and business focused. I love reading the real stories, interviews with powerful women and creative inspiration. Rosanna


I’m always looking forward to the next Estila coming through the letterbox. SO much inspiration and great interviews! Trish


Love the ethos of Estila magazine. Clare


Each Estila cover is absolutely stunning. Love all the content. Tiana


Love discovering new brands and reading all the empowering stories. So inspirational. Vicki


It’s such a great mix of interiors/fashion, inspiration and sound advice. I don’t know anything else like it. I’d stopped buying magazines to be honest because they are full of the same old stuff. So great work! Georgie


Atelier of Success was created in January 2017 to support small emerging designers in interiors and fashion, independent lifestyle brands, up-and-coming artists and other creatives on their business journeys. It’s a growing community where we share knowledge through transparency and honesty, and encourage brand collaborations.  We also provide business mentoring and write regular business related articles.

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