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Why style matters


What is style? Most people define it as something related to fashion. It’s what you wear. It’s fashion and trends. It’s the latest from runways.

To me, style it something completely different. It’s what defines you as a person in all aspects of your life. It’s the way you talk, dress, live. It’s about where you go on holidays, the sofa you choose to sit on and the conversations you have with others.

Style says who you are.  It’s something that is in your DNA but keeps evolving with your life’s experiences. While some people are born with a clarity about who they are and what they want from life, most of us struggle with “finding our style” and ourselves. We are constantly unsatisfied, chasing a career, status, vision or life that we picture in our heads as “the thing that will make us happy”. But the frustration grows each time we realise that the “it” actually wasn’t what we though it was supposed to be.

Style is about not being afraid to experiment and accepting that it might take a while to discover what we want from life. I’m a big advocate of experimenting and taking risks. Looking back on my life so far, there are so many clues that I couldn’t see before about what defines me and my style now. I didn’t see them for such a long time but through experimentation, the puzzle, which was once scattered all over the place, has finally been coming together.

The way I started this journey was through putting myself outside my comfort zone. It could be running a business and entering an industry I had no clue about, accepting bolder colours in my home and wardrobe or going to foreign places alone. That escalated to overcoming and accepting the results of life threatening health issues, doing things wrong, making wrong decisions, failing and learning from those mistakes. Each small event was a piece of puzzle that started to show a clearer picture about my style.

And so if you are in a phase of the unknown, where your gut is telling you that you need to change something in order for you to be happier, listen to an interview I did with Karen and Zandra from Little Yellow Couch on their Style Matters podcast, where we discussed why style matters and all the points I just mentioned. I also share my journey in more detail, including how I went from closing down my business, going into the interior design world and finally arriving in publishing – yes, it’s been a crazy ride!, and we talk about interiors as one of the tools which can help you find your style.

You can listen to it here. Kx