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Why still life photography should be included in your brand communication

Nocera Ferri

If you have an online store or brand website having a stand out photography can make or break your business. Not only that it sets you apart from your competition, but it also communicates your values and ethos, which your customers can relate to. Therefore, having great images as part of the dialogue with your audience should not be underestimated. One type of photography specifically can help you to achieve that…still life photography.

Still life started in paintings in the sixteenth century. Communicating a moral or religious message, it featured often depicted objects from nature (still life is the translation of “nature morte”, meaning “dead nature”). Over the centuries it found its way into photography, initially following the same path of using nature morte. These days, still life photography has many shapes and forms. An art form in itself, it explores the possibilities of storytelling in commercial and non-commercial settings. Sometimes in its abstract and artistic context, products take on a symbolic meaning, giving it more depth while enriching its creators’ vocabulary and self-expression. Here we chat to Luca Nocera and Lara Ferri, an Italian photographer duo based in London about their work as creative photographers, featuring their design story: Framework.

Pink vase by Alice Foxen ( | @alicefoxen)

Can you tell us a little bit about your backgrounds, how you met and set up your business as a duo?

We started our creative journey independently in Milan, where we both attended different photography schools and worked as assistant photographers. When we finally met in 2007, we instantly clicked! We quickly realised our creative views and tastes were very much alike, and we decided to join forces to fulfil a single vision project.

What inspires your work and style?

Graphic design and simple geometries have always played a key inspirational role in our works, paired with our passion for modernist art and design from Bauhaus. Our photographic role models are Irving Penn and Richard Avedon.

What type of businesses you work with?

After the past seven years working with major UK fashion clients for the likes of Stella McCartney, Joseph, Selfridges, Marks and Spencer and Boots, producing both commercial and editorial works, we recently decided to focus more on still life projects. We are strongly passionate about still life as a form of expression as it has allowed us to fulfil new creative outputs. 

When working with clients, what is your process?

We believe understanding to the client’s vision is the first step towards producing a successful creative product that meets the client’s needs. And of course, we love a mood board! We find extremely exciting the research part of a project, because it allows us to let our imagination loose and stimulate our curiosity when investigating different creative disciplines. Presenting back to our clients a vision that is both creative and commercially viable is always our first aim and the most fulfilling when we meet our client’s expectations.

Cobalt and yellow vases by Arjan Van Dal ( | @arjavandal_ceramics)

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