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Vicky Hodges from Bo & Bel


Inspiring women are go-getters. They make things happen. They live life with no regrets. They are learning about themselves and reaching their full potential. They are not afraid to take risks and just go for it. This month I talked to Vicky Hodges from Bo & Bel. She’s juggling motherhood and family with her passion for helping other women to get through the early stages of motherhood by offering baby-proof teething & breastfeeding jewellery. It’s been a hard road but her dream is coming true.

1. How did you get to where you are now?

When you have babies you realise they grab everything! Not only do they grab everything, they put everything in their mouths. So when I’d had little twin hands pull and break my necklaces I gave up on wearing jewellery and felt I’d lost my sense of style. Most new mums I spoke to felt the same as me so I was passionate that I could provide the perfect solution. I started to design our silicone teething necklaces to enable mums to wear jewellery again that is safe, stylish and practical. And so Bo&Bel was born.

2. What was your biggest challenge when setting up Bo&Bel?

Time management! There are always the down sides to running your own business that come with the highs. It is extremely time consuming, especially in the first year or so when you are establishing yourself as a brand. I have to remind myself often to take a step away to relax and recharge!

3. How did you overcome the fear of failure and any insecurities you had?

I didn’t really have a fear of failing because I was so sure that I was onto a good thing because I felt so passionately that it was a product that all mums I had spoken to said they loved. However, I was fearful about the right balance of being a great mother, good wife and successful at setting up my own business at the same time without letting one of these things slip. However, you can do it when you have focus and a plan in your head about what your limitations are.

4. What would you say to anyone who is thinking about setting up a business while raising family? Any tips?

You don’t always need a business plan or a bank loan to start out but do have a focus and passion for what you are trying to achieve. If you don’t have passion for what you do it will show and you won’t enjoy it. Learn from others and ask plenty of questions from others who’ve done it before you.

When it comes to balancing family life you have to be prepared to give a little more of your time to the business at the beginning but if you lay down good foundations then you will be able to enjoy better family time because your efforts will have paid off to allow you to work more flexibly.


Image: featured in our June 2016 issue.

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