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The City Bag

city bag

The city bag should be versatile and multifunctional but stylish and elegant. Don’t you agree? Well, that’s exactly what Esin Akan is trying to create. Her Spring / Summer 2016 collection was designed for the modern woman. Inspired by the busy lifestyle, at the centre of the collection lies the hero “City Bag”.

A versatile and stylish tote with a unique pocket front that detaches to become a separate clutch or shoulder bag. It’s the “three bags in one”. Easily adaptable from day to evening, the bag has internal compartments for all business essentials, from smart phone to laptops. A selection of over 10 different clutch designs in varied colours, leathers and textures allows you to add a personal touch, mixing and matching to seamlessly adapt to different occasions and seasons.

The new collection also include the ultimate bucket bag, Notting Hill and a smart phone clutch, Venice. Both designed to be used in multiple ways according to your mood.



To find out more or to make a purchase, head over to Esin Akan website.