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by Karolina Barnes
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Studio ESTILA is a multidiscipline, creative content studio for emerging designers, brands and artists with a mission to guide, support and educate on brand storytelling.  Aside from creating content for our clients, each month our studio creates content for ESTILA EDIT (digital magazine), ESTILA VOLUME (our bookazine), our website, newsletter and social media.


We believe that independent designers and brands are stronger together. Creating opportunities where brands can help each other by having a common campaign message is a good strategy to implement. Through creating content with ESTILA, we have many opportunities which brands can explore.


We can assist you with creating materials generated from photoshoots, from start to finish. We can help to:

  1. Define the concept and story through brainstorming and research.
  2. Find the perfect location opportunities.
  3. Bring on board other brands for sourcing props and supporting products.
  4. Introduce you to hair and make-up artists and photographers, who we work with on regular basis.
  5. Co-ordinate, style and direct the shoot to ensure that it’s on brand, and follows its concept and purpose.
  6. Ensure that the photoshoot maximises its content creation opportunities through guiding the team with commercial mind and providing enough materials specifically created for online usage (website – slider, product pages; social median platforms – specific formats for Instagram, Pinterest and others) and offline usage (lookbooks, catalogues, presentations, thank-you and invitations cards, and more).

Type of photoshoots we can help you with: on location shoots, studio based shoots, flatlays and still photography.
Read our case study of a shoot we did with Jewelled Buddha. More projects can be viewed on our Creative Work page.

Studio Estila


Our STUDIO is experienced in creating highly impactful, clean graphic design projects, working with variety of formats and sizes for online and offline use.  We can help you with:

  1. Defining and designing your visual identity.
  2. Lookbook, catalogue and portfolio book, magalogue and magazine design.
  3. Promotional material design – physical newsletters, leaflets, thank-you and invitation cards.
  4. Online newsletters, shopping moodboards and e-books.
  5. One-off, bespoke collages and layered artwork.
  6. Presentations and presentation folders for business partners, trade, stockists and press.
  7. Pitch decks

Studio Estila

Studio Estila


We pride ourselves on being creators and educators. We certainly don’t hold back when it comes to passing on our valuable knowledge and experiences. We take on each project as an opportunity to teach emerging brands and designers how to improve their skills and activities. Transparency, common sense and enthusiasm for independent designers are at the centre of what we do. Not only that we guide you, we also show you how to do things so you can broaden your knowledge and improve yourself.


Our services also have a bonus. Working together gives you the opportunity to be featured in ESTILA magazine. Quickly becoming known as a go-to resource for emerging design and independent brands both nationally and internationally, our rapidly growing audience is loyal and hungry for new and undiscovered content. Be exposed to over 2,5 million readers worldwide, plus cover your PR efforts with a print feature, social media and newsletter campaigns.

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Studio ESTILA is run by ESTILA’s founder and editor-in-chief, Karolina Barnes, who has over 15 years of experience in content creation for small businesses. Here is what some brands we worked with say about us:

Karolina is an absolute asset to have on any shoot. Her eye for detail, experience on styling and the final output of the images from our recent shoot in Oxford was totally on point. I would fully recommend her services. Sarah Harah


I so enjoyed working with Karolina on our last lifestyle photoshoot in Oxford. She had gathered some complimentary brands together to collaborate. Karolina had prepared a moodboard and storyboard for us all to work from, and after just a few hours taking photographs, all the brands involved had some great lifestyle pictures to be able to tell a stylish, colourful and inspiring story. Bianca Elgar


ESTILA collaborative services are so important to a brand in terms of growth.  It was fabulous to be able to have my pieces featured in another brands photoshoot without having the sometimes crippling expenses that go hand and hand with photo shoots.  This is an ideal service for start-ups but also very useful for more established brands that want to reach new demographics within the market place.  Kellie Daniels


I met Karolina during a trade show in February 2017 and she has since become a wonderful mentor, great resource and friend to myself and support to my brand. When I had an upcoming photoshoot I asked her if she would offer me guidance as it was my first time doing a shoot without hiring a stylist, therefore coordinating a model and the look of the shoot myself. She was invaluable in supporting me, giving me key advice and being there on the day. Her presence helped take some of the pressure off especially knowing I had her great advice to lean on. She went above and beyond to support me, and cares deeply about small independent brands. I highly recommend her services as she helped me develop my ideas for the photo shoot and express myself by bringing out the best in my brand. It was a joy to work with her. Roopa Sachidanand


Working with Karolina has been nothing short of inspirational. She’s passionate about what she does and equally passionate about helping emerging brands.  Karolina’s experience in business branding has been pivotal in the new direction I wanted to take my brand.  I was looking to rebrand and update my logo which I felt I’d outgrown as a business.  Not only did Karolina create an extremely stylish logo which I absolutely love, her expertise in fashion styling, retail and luxury branding was excellent.Karolina also organised a photoshoot, found the perfect location and styled the shoot. This lead to an extremely stylish feature in Estila magazine. It was through this whole process of rebranding and creating a photoshoot that I was able to define my target customer and finally see where the real value of my brand lay. Talking to Karolina has been a joy. There’s been many light-bulb moments. As a product business, it’s very difficult to find mentors who really understand the challenges you face when selling a physical product. But Karolina has true experience of this. She is generous with her time and really listens to what you want. I would highly recommend her consultancy services. Harjit Sohotey-Khan

We only take on a limited number of projects each month. If you would like to discuss your projects with us, please fill in the details below now, so you don’t miss your chance. Thank you!