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From eco-friendly future wall coverings, traditional craftsmanship to biophilic and wellness design, this edition is a must-read for any designer and creative.


How to create a sustainable brand

Starting or already building a sustainable fashion brand or label? This workshop is for you.


Fashion industry is one of the toughest industries to trade in. If you’re thinking about starting a fashion brand or just started one, sustainability must be part of your brand story. But how can you integrate sustainability into your operations and business practices while communicating it all with clarity and authenticity? In this thought provoking workshop we cover all key points every fashion brand needs to consider, if they want to build a sustainable brand with longevity and profitability.


Dessy Tsolova, Fashion Insiders & Co

What’s covered:

  1. Why sustainability is given by default in the fashion industry
  2. What you must think about when creating a sustainable brand (the most overlooked elements)
  3. How to communicate your sustainability angle better
  4. The secret recipe for success – the viability, society and environment

Suitable for:

Fashion brands and designers

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