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From eco-friendly future wall coverings, traditional craftsmanship to biophilic and wellness design, this edition is a must-read for any designer and creative.


How to create a content plan

Always confused and frustrated with what to share on social media and in newsletters? This workshop will definitely help.


Are you confused about what content to create for which platform? Are you always struggling with what to post and when? You have a great brand story and product or projects under your belt but struggling with having them seen on social media?  In this workshop we take you through simple steps to keeping yourself organised and always having content ready – one your audience will love to engage with and share. We will show you how you can tell your brand story in different ways, what audiences want from you, as a brand and founder, what works well and what doesn’t. By the end of this session you will gain clarity and focus, avoiding mistakes in the future, and saving you tonnes of time. After watching you will know exactly what to do so you can stand out above the rest and don’t fall back into the sea of sameness.


Aimee Stammers, Aimee Stammers Comms

What’s covered:

  1. How to approach planning content for the whole year in advance
  2. 3 story angles you must cover to keep your audience interested and growing (organically)
  3. Why awareness days are important for content creation especially for social media and not just PR
  4. The difference between brand and founder stories and how to tell both in authentic voice
  5. The secret sauce to visibility on social media

Suitable for:

Lifestyle brands, artists, designers and creatives

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