estila magazine future of dreams

From innovative social retail, disruptive beauty brands to natural luxe interiors and maximalist art, this edition is a must-read for any creative.

£8.00 + POSTAGE

ESTILA Future Brands Virtual Stand Lifetime

Get visible and let new customer discover your amazing brand and products.


Be part of our FUTURE BRANDS virtual exhibition.

With your own virtual stand page you will be part of a curated edit of best purpose-driven, design-led brands and exciting new names in the design, art and lifestyle industries. A platform that unites the creative community.

The benefits:


Get in front of conscious customers who are actively looking for products like yours. Being part of our Future Brands virtual exhibition will help increase your brand awareness while giving you the opportunity to share your brand story like you would normally do when speaking to your customers in real life.


Modern brands need to think omnichannel.  To reach success in business, brands need to get in front of the right customer across many marketing touchpoints. Having a profile page and sharing your stories in our virtual exhibition allows you to present your products, collections and projects to the right customer, client or buyer.


In an era of people buying from people, brands reputation and building personal trust couldn’t be more important. When you join our Future Brands virtual exhibition your business will rise above the rest by being right next to high calibre and reputable brands and talent from across the globe.

What’s included:

  1. Large banner feature image to catch the eye
  2. Inspiring brand story
  3. Image gallery of collections or projects
  4. Featured product catalogue
  5. Audio voice introduction
  6. Contact details
  7. Social media links
  8. Website link to your online store
  9. Send a message (directly to your email address)

Suitable for:

Independent lifestyle and retail brands (interiors, fashion, beauty, food), artists, designers

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