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Create a stand out fashion brand

Are you an ambitious founder who wants to build a meaningful and purpose-driven fashion brand? We have put together this quick guide of key ingredients to building a stand out independent fashion label of your dreams.



Successful fashion brands build their market position and market share around one strong product proposition. Customers associate the brand with that product automatically. Here is what you can do:

1/ Unique product design
To stand out in an already saturated market focus on product design which hasn’t been seen before. This will give you a competitive advantage, an increase in brand awareness and press
features your brand deserves.
The aim: become to be known for one particular product design.

2/ Functionality and performance
Another way to stand out is by focusing on innovation, which you channel into functionality and performance of your product. Many successful brands have “chiefs of innovation and creativity”
who are in charge of “future features” of the product.
The aim: become the leader in innovation and performance in your product category.

3/ Quality and good value
As consumers get increasingly more savvy and aware of how products are made and distributed, their value viewpoints change. This includes quality and longevity of products with social and
environmental impacts at a good price point.
The aim: balance quality with providing good


While markets keep evolving and moving forward, and as consumer behaviour and values change, having a strong value driven pricing strategy  can help to weather through the natural rhythms of economy and business.

Pricing ladder strategy
Creating a pricing ladder strategy opens opportunities of tapping into a wider customer base, while creating subtle barriers on one end and a fan base on the other.
The aim: create a pricing strategy that considers all of your customers problems, wants and needs for them to become your biggest fans.


Great brands capture the heads and hearts of their customers. They create a special space for themselves by attracting and repelling through communication channels and methods. They understand the power of building relationships long term. Instead of focusing on one-transaction customers, they thrive for loyalty and longevity.

1/ Who-what-how approach
Always ask these questions when creating compelling and engaging content.

2/ Brand storytelling
All successful brands are great storytellers. They inspire their customers and help them to reach their potentials. They are purpose-driven and managed to find a unique way of communication and engagement.
The aim: give your brand a unique story spin


Want to know how to build a sustainable stand out fashion brand? If so, we have this amazing masterclass for you delivered by fashion business consultant, Dessy Tsolova from Fashion Insiders & Co. Dessy has over two decades of luxury fashion industry experience. Working for brands including Burberry, Smythson, J&M Davidson to name but a few, she oversaw the design development and manufacturing of hundreds of coveted products generating millions of dollars in sales. In 2019, she founded FASHION  INSIDERS & Co – an online educational and consulting platform, supporting fashion entrepreneurs and small brands in growing and scaling purpose-driven brands. 

In this masterclass Dessy takes you through the most overlooked details of building a truly sustainable fashion brand, one that is profitable and purpose-driven.

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