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Special art edit: Creativity beyond limits

creativity beyond limits

This is a little bit of an experiment here at ESTILA. What originally was supposed to be for digital publishing only has turned into a mini print “art bible” for creatives. While interviewing emerging and well-established talent from the art world, I quickly realised that there is so much wisdom and gold in there which many creatives can get inspired  and energised by, it would have been a shame to not have it in your hands and to keep for reference. And so here it is: Creativity beyond limits, our first mini edition, featuring 18 amazingly talented artists ranging from abstract, landscape, fashion photography, fashion illustration, photomontage and a few more art categories to offer you a variety and to open your eyes to different techniques these artists are using in their works.

My favourite story is:

Paul Brown (abstract artist)

Paul’s story and journey is absolutely amazing. Despite his serious illness, he found a way to express himself through art, creatively, and using it as a way of coping. Monika Pick, who helped me with this edition brought my attention to him and she was right when she said that he’s a perfect fit for ESTILA. Apart from his journey, Paul describes how his creative process and where he draws inspiration from. A truly fascinating read!!

Art stories

Other featured artists include: Alexandra Gallagher, Emma-Jayne Allsup, Drawn Together, Claire Gill, Amy Beager, Mel Cormack-Hicks,  Jasmine de Silva (our cover story), Clare Nicolson, Stephen Pick, the amazing Sophie Ward, Roy’s People (another great story), Elina Ruka (unusual technique), Chelsea Lee Winterbottom (who uses golden dust for finishing touches!), Linda Skoglund, Syrett (another great story and an artist who uses nail vanish as medium!), Anne-Claire Fleer (who uses body paint in her work) and Elizabeth Hornby-Lund.

We also interviewed the founder and creative director of Lumitrix, an online art gallery for interior designers and clients. And, Erica Wolfe-Murray from Lola Media gives great tips for creatives and artists in terms of business.

A big thank you to all artists and contributors, Monika from PickArtHome and Elina from Artsnug.

Happy reading! 


Update: Hard copies unfortunately went out to our subscribers only but you can still enjoy a digital version below.