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Simply red lipstick


Confession: I’ve changed my signature lipstick recently. I went from soft pinky neutral to red. I always loved wearing red but my confidence used to stop me. I never forget that moment when we were at an exhibition, me done up: pretty dress, high heels and red lipstick to impress our clients and future business partners until.. of them subtly informed me that every time I smile she can see my “red teeth”. Now that put me off red for a few years!! Almost half a decade to be exact. But no more. I love the classic look. My 80 year old (young, I should say!) grandmother never leaves the house without it! And that was passed on to me except it was more “safe” option until I woke up the other day and made the decision. No more playing safe. Let’s have some fun.  After a long search for the perfect red lipstick I think I found it. I mentioned on Instagram that even though I love my Tom Ford Cherry Lush, I need to keep topping it up with Max Factor lip gloss. Apparently Laura Mercier’s Velour matte lip colour contains mango butter with moisturising properties. I was sold. I need that soft, non-powdery feeling on my lips but also high pigmentation that lasts.


I’ve been using my Mon Cheri for over a week now and so far so good. The lipstick packaging is compact which is perfect for my small handbag (I recently downsized my bag..but that’s another story) and when I apply it it feels smooth and very comfortable. It isn’t sticky or too matte but it still gives me that matte look and finish. It’s pretty amazing!!

Go and get yours below and let me know what you think. Have your got your signature lipstick?



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