Special edition: Purpose Driven


This is a special annual edition featuring forward-thinking lifestyle brands that are changing our shopping habits and place purpose over profits in the heart of their existence.

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This special edition aims to educate the reader about 4 most important ethos types forward-thinking brands put at the centre of their existence. As we find ourselves in a transitional period where businesses are moving from profit to purpose driven models, and after researching the market and observing the changes in consumer behaviour, I have identified these values as most effective when it comes to aligning viewpoints of a modern, savvy and conscious customer with the brand.

I hope that by bringing attention to the brands we can all contribute to making changes in the way we consume lifestyle products while setting an example for the future generation. Furthermore, if you are a lifestyle brand that is struggling with the way you communicate your purposeful message, you can take an inspiration from them. The more businesses recognise that they need to place purpose over products in the way they communicate with consumers, the better. Awareness breathes change.


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real stories of new generation businesses in design and lifestyle industries

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