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REINVENTION – Volume 7. print





Sometimes life throws challenges at us for a reason, don’t you think? The stories on the pages in this ESTILA Volume 7.  tell journeys of reinvention and innovation. The world will keep moving forward only if we deal with challenges head-on. Sometimes this requires thinking outside the box and doing things that have never been done before. Other times we need to dig deep and rediscover our passion that has been buried by our own circumstances and lack of self-belief. If you feel like that’s you, read the stories by Gill Wright (our cover story), Sophia Frances and Alexia Peck. If  they can do it, you can do it too! Now get yourself a nice cup of coffee and a quiet reading spot. 

1. Our cover story is the interview with Gill Wright, in which she shares the insight into her career as a fashion illustrator.

2. We explore interiors designed by Project Orange – a studio that marries interior design with architecture.

3. We chat to the founders of Nisi Living, a lifestyle brand that wants to inject some of the colourful Mediterranean style into your life. We dive into the concept, marketing and plans for the near future.

4. We talk to a British fashion brands, Ennagaldi, Jessica Wilde and Snazzy – all emerging designers sharing their experiences in running their businesses. Plus, Snazzy also shares their campaign collaboration with a successful Instagram influencer Monique Romanowski.

5. Our special feature is an interview with Sophie Rees, the founder of Designers/Makers where she shares her journey and gives some practical tips to all designers/makers.

6. For any pattern and textile design lovers we have two amazing interviews with Sophia Frances and Elizabeth Turner. Sophia is a textile designer and Elizabeth upcycles Mid-century furniture with a very distinct style.

7. We go behind the scenes with Sabrina Chakici to the beautiful The Muraka by Conrad Maldives.

8. In beauty, we interview two very successful founders; Sonia Deasy from Pestle & Mortar and Alexia Peck, who will stock her fragrance candles in Fortnum’s and Harrods this summer.

9. In our business section we explore the importance of focusing on your goals through a paper map.

10. Special bonus: a recipe card with a tasty meal from Dotcookin!


Our magazine is a luxurious product printed on a beautiful paper, which you won’t ever want to part with.

  • 92 pages of exclusive, print-only content that is 100% advert-free
  • matt luxurious cover
  • original photography
  • inspirational interviews on self-empowerment and business in creative industries
  • resource for future reference
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