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MISS TROPICAL – Volume 4. print



Our fourth issue in print celebrates creativity and design that is little bit out of ordinary. We showcase design, fashion and emerging brands that think outside the box. They’re not trying reinvent the wheel, but rather they use their creative thinking and skills to make our world a happier place. Full of unique inspiration and interviews, this magazine edition will leave you feeling energised and motivated.

1. Our cover story is the interview with Peggy Wolf, a self-taught illustrator, who specialises in creating quirky, colourful, enigmatic and sophisticated characters with an edge, bridging the gap between art and fashion.

2. We take a peek into “Beauty Within” home designed by Kim Stephen, an interior designer based in London and Cape Town.

3. We discover tropical, easy-to-wear collection designed by a London based fashion designer Tramp in Disguise.

4. We talk to a British fashion accessory designer Roopa Sachidanand from Dolce Roopa about her style, latest scarf and accessory collection, and mission with her label.

5. We interview Celso Fadelli, the founder of Intertrade Group, about his passion for art perfumery.

6. We show you sustainable way of thinking in beautiful Italy.

7. We interview Caroline Hirons about pores, blogging and how it felt to see her first product in the window of Harvey Nichols. 

8. In our business section we explore the importance of following your intuition and business attraction through consistency.

9. Special bonus: summer salads that everyone will love.

10. Special gift: affirmation cards designed for Estila by Lovely Ink


Our magazine is a luxurious product printed on a beautiful paper, which you won’t ever want to part with.

  • 98 pages of exclusive, print-only content that is 99% advert-free
  • matt luxurious cover
  • original photography
  • inspirational interviews on self-empowerment and business in creative industries
  • resource for future reference
  • exclusive limited edition