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This edition is all about creative men. We share inspiring journeys of creatives, designers and brands, putting you in a great mood and triggering some ideas. Can spot an opportunity for a collaboration on the following pages?

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ESTILA Vol 10 is all about creative men. We wanted to highlight their talent, get inspired by their creativity and be motivated by their stories of struggle and success.


1. We explore the story and amazing interiors designed by the highly successful and well-respected Maurizio Pellizzoni. His interiors blend Italian sophistication with very unique artistic flair.

2. We searched high and low and discovered new homeware brand Beddable and talked with its founder and creative director Joe about the clever concept behind it. This story is a great inspiration for those seeking to learn from finding a gap in the market through frustrations and solving those problems.

3. We caught up with Hayche, an award-wining, luxury furniture brand and talked to them about their ethos and sustainable furniture design. So glad that there are brands in interiors on a mission to do good!

4. We talk with Olly Howe, a super-talented collagist and artist who is taking the art world by storm.

5. We also chat to Edward May, an artist and founder of Circle Triagle Square, a collective and platform for emerging artists in various art disciplines. A great story of collaboration and support happening on the art scene!

6. In the fashion industry we discovered the story of Disorder Boutique and talked with its founder Mark Howard, who is also a designer and artist. Mark has a lot of business experience in building his brand for over 20 years. A must-read story!

7. We learn a lot from an interview with Simon Harvey Potts, the owner of Mackenzie Leather. You must check out their leather handbag collection, all handmade in Scotland.

8. From retail we bring you a story of Ryan James, a beautiful store in Glasgow which specialises in helping men to feel good while learning how to style, present and express themselves through fashion and self-care.

9. From the world of beauty we bring you three very different stories: men-u, Daniel Sandler and Rabot 1745, the beauty brand brought to you by Hotel Chocolat. Each story is very unique but what makes them special is their drive for high quality products, disruption in markets and putting customers first!

10. If you are looking for a private business club which can help you elevate your business to the next level, we introduce you to Homegrown. Not only the interiors are stunningly designed but also they have some impressive and successful British entrepreneurs on their advisory board who you can mingle with.

11. BONUS: Special interview with textile and wallpaper design studio Kit Miles


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