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DAYDREAMER – Volume 5. print



As the days are getting shorter and darker, our fifth volume lets you daydream. You will notice that black is subtly running through this Daydreamer issue. Of course, as in any other Estila volume we are also embracing bolder colours too. We are taking you on a journey of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Whether it’s through darker interiors, fashion statements or questioning your mindset, Volume 5 is about letting yourself dream big. 

1. Our cover story is the interview with Onome Otite, a contemporary illustrator and collagist who creates unique artwork by manipulating textiles.

2. We take a peek into a home designed by an interior design studio Kia Designs.

3. We interview the “Queen of Darkness”, Abigail Ahern about using dark colours in interiors and life.

4. We talk to a British fashion brand, Jewelled Buddha, about their mission to offer sophisticated fashion accessories while helping women to gain financial independence, education and better future for their families.

5. We interview Karen Quinn about her passion for perfumes and essential oils.

6. We take you on a short trip to Scotland.

7. We interview Maleka Dattu, the founder of Merumaya, which is an award winning skincare line.

8. In our business section we explore the importance of social media branding strategy.

9. Special bonus: a recipe card with a tasty meal from Box’d Fresh.

10. Special gift: Christmas Gift Guide for you and your loved ones.


Our magazine is a luxurious product printed on a beautiful paper, which you won’t ever want to part with.

  • 98 pages of exclusive, print-only content that is 100% advert-free
  • matt luxurious cover
  • original photography
  • inspirational interviews on self-empowerment and business in creative industries
  • resource for future reference
  • exclusive limited edition