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THE BLOSSOM GIRL – Volume 3. print



Our third issue in print explores the power of blossoming. The word blossom can mean many things. To me, to blossom means to progress and grow. The only way we can do that is to keep learning. Learning about ourselves and our abilities. Learning about the things around us and learning from others. I believe that case studies are one of the best ways of learning. Hence, I’ve included more inspiring interviews with women who believe in themselves and their businesses. 

1. Our cover story is the interview with Georgie St Clair, an illustrator, who specialises in creating elegant and very unusual botanical and floral illustrations.

2. We interview Diane Hill about her unique, hand-painted interiors brand. She’s taking about her passion for oriental design and Chinoiserie, which makes her business so different to everything on the market.

3. We take a peek into the home designed by a luxury British interior design studio, 1508 London.

4. We explore the “Ahead of the time” fashion from Paris 2017.

5. We talk to a British fashion accessory designer, Sarah Haran, about her style, latest collection and mission with her label.

6. We interview Karen Radley, the founder of Scoop International, about how she started it and what advice she would give to anyone wanting to exhibit at the show.

7. We take you to Mykonos and talk about the benefits of the Mediterranean cuisine.

8. We interview Georgie Cleeves, the founder of Oskia, about her passion for transparency in the beauty industry and her skincare brand.

9. In our business section we explore the importance of being unique in the market.

10. Special bonus: we discuss branding through colours.


Our magazine is a luxurious product printed on a beautiful paper, which you won’t ever want to part with.

  • 104 pages of exclusive, print-only content
  • matt luxurious cover
  • original photography
  • inspirational interviews on self-empowerment and business in creative industries
  • resource for future reference