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Product Description

The idea to write this PR resource book came from all the interviews I’ve done so far with Estila magazine. I found that many emerging designers and brands struggle with press exposure and self-promotion. I decided to compile all my knowledge and observations, gained as an editor of an independent lifestyle publication, and put them into one place. 

This book, part of Atelier of Success – our business community,  is meant to serve you as the ultimate guide, providing you with tools and templates, which you can implement into your marketing and promotional strategy straight away.


To use the following information successfully, I urge you to get into the mindset of giving. You need to realise that in order to get your and your brand’s story published, you need to give value. And give a lot of it. Furthermore, you need to realise that you are the face of your brand. You are like Richard Branson of Virgin. Your mind should be set to owning your past, and to freely sharing your wisdom and knowledge you acquired so far. 

Only once your mind is clear on those two points, you begin taking in the information provided. 


This 64-page resource book tackles the basic areas of PR and self-promotion. It is divided into seven chapters with examples, exercises and templates.

It covers the following:

  • Your story 
  • Your brand’s mission
  • Cohesive branding
  • Visuals needed for press
  • Types of features
  • Defining exposure expectations
  • Types of exposure: online, offline, other media, events
  • Content marketing
  • Important dates
  • Pitching to press and bloggers
  • Follow up strategy
  • Networking


PLEASE NOTE: This book comes in a digital format. Once you’ll place the order, you will receive a confirmation with a secure and unique link. The link expires after 24 hours and it allows you to download the version twice. Please contact us, should you have any problems. 

Money back guarantee.  I have poured all my knowledge and experiences into this book. I believe that it is a very useful, and necessary, tool to help you with press and exposure. However, if you are not happy with the content provided, I will offer a full refund.