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Shoes: wise autumn investments

wise autumn investments

Wise autumn investments first appeared in Estila EDIT 24. 

Much against what I imagined my 50-year-old self to be one day – that super sleek classic dresser who takes dressing her own age very seriously… now fast forwarded to September 2017 I find myself convinced that in fact, a good eye for prints (and print clashing for that matter), is an essential key to a grown up woman’s style evolution. Feeling rather enlighted by this change of heart, I am totally smitten with the luxe Bohemia taking hold of my autumn/winter wardrobe wish list.

But please be quick to note, I am not talking loads of silver, turquoise and leather bracelets, cut out denim shorts, straw cowboy hats or anything remotely Coachella boho. I am talking luxe, grown up Bohemia. Opulent velvets, dark paisley and floral prints, silk peasant blouses, long fluid dresses that show neither too much leg or cleavage, long slouchy boots in suede or matt leather, rich gemstones fine jewelry and so on…

In light of this, I have been on a hunt for winter ankle boots, those you will wear to death and when you retire them by March next year you look back with great satisfaction at the fantastic cost per wear investment you made.

However, this year, the trusted black or brown suede ankle boot will simply not cut it for me. I have grown bored of watching shoe designers at the higher end – they call be inspired, I call copy each other endlessly.

I now reckon that if I am going to fork out a fairly high portion of my hard earned cash on designer shoes, I want them to be originally created and not a thinly veiled copy of another. So, my same old and trusted Aquazurra, Saint Laurent, Gianvito Rossi classic suede boots will no longer cut it. This season I want my boots different, exciting & newly designed.

The embroidered, boldly detailed and printed boots are strictly not an investment piece if you have not mastered the art of print clashing, but with a little practice and common sense, they might prove to be not just a brilliant investment piece this season, but are also very likely to set you firmly apart on the style stakes by adding a powerful sartorial punch to your everyday wear.



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Curated and written by Flavia Young, fashion editor for Estila Magazine.


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