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Say it with teal and grey

teal and grey in interiors

Welcome back to our mini series about colour. Last time we were talking about orange and coral, and today let’s look at teal and grey. Find out more about how to include these colours in your life, interiors, fashion and business.


Teal is a combination of blue and green, my two favourite colours, and since becoming the Dulux Colour of the Year back in 2014, it keeps coming back year after year to our homes as it helps us relax and unwind.

Teal positively communicates feelings of tranquillity and calm, whilst green positively evokes feelings of peace and balance.” Karen Haller, Colour Psychology Expert

We picked these two colours on purpose as they do remind us of the summer sea.

“I’m usually always attracted to blues and greens and water colour hues such as turquoise, amethyst, grey, light greens. I associate them with feel good beautiful shades of nature!” Victoria von Stein, Jewellery Artist

Grey, unfortunately, is mainly associated with doom and gloom and sadness but also, on a good note, with modesty and sophistication.

Grey can be considered conventional and practical, which, for some, might mean dependable. It is a colour of gained wisdom through life experience – check out who’s got grey hair around you.


As a combination of black and white, grey is neutral and as such acts as the perfect background colour. Mixed with any colour (I love grey and yellow or grey and pink), will lose its negative associations.

Check out this grey bathroom designed by Fiona Duke, my local interior designer, who I’ve been following on Instagram for a while. She uses grey and teal so well in her interior schemes. This grey bathroom is so stylish and sleek.

      Photography by Anna Stathaki

Grey can be cosy, especially when layered with shades of blue like in this bedroom created by Doris Lee, interior designer specialising in creating warm, casual and laid back homes.

I love the grey bed and curtains in this master bedroom, plus her excellent idea to frame some blueish pieces of fabric behind the bed.

teal and grey bedroom

Dark grey looks great on its own or when combined with any strong colour, immediately elegant, don’t you think. I like how easy is to use it with any wall art, especially with the pieces featuring strong colours like red or orange.

Soris Lee grey living room

Teal, just like its sister blue, is associated with water and peace, so it’s perfect for bathrooms, especially when you are going for a seaside look, combining it with white. This nautical palette is always fresh and appealing.

Dris Lee teal bathroom

Teal and grey together can create a very relaxing space; so don’t be afraid to experiment in your studies and living rooms.

Grey study

My study above.

teal and grey cabinet

All Doris Lee project photography by Chris Snook


According to Carol Hanson, who is a stylist, everyone can wear blue; it’s just a case of finding the right shade and tone for one’s colour palette. Grey jeans can always be found in my wardrobe, and let me tell you, teal is so easy to wear. I love combining it with emerald green to make an impact.

Try to use the colour wheel, if you are struggling to combine different hues and would like to become a bit more adventures with your wardrobe.

“Even though on the cooler side, teal and grey are versatile colours for your wardrobe. My love for accessories lets me experiment with these two colours in combination with warmer tones such as orange and fuchsia pink but also together when I pair my teal cashmere top with grey/metallic silver silk skirt. ” Karolina Barnes, ESTILA

Teal and grey fashion accessories

Jewellery by Victoria von Stein |  Grey Suede Shoes by Calla Shoes | Colour Block Poncho by Jules Hogan | Dahlia Tote by Sarah Haran


Colours do evoke certain emotions, and many brands are aware of this fact.

Most people are indifferent to grey – it relates to the corporate worker in the grey suit – conservative, reliable, formal and independent, but perhaps a bit boring. Grey can be great background colour though.

It’s silver version, looks sleek and lustrous. It has a coolness about it that relates to the future and science and technology.

Teal is associated with clarity of thought, so it’s perfect for any business related to communication.

If you own a spa or a wellness centre, do not hesitate to use restorative and rejuvenating qualities of teal.

Overall, grey and teal are easy to adapt in some format or form, so why not to try it yourself.

What’s your favourite colour? Mx

words by Monika Pick

Monika is co-founder of PickArtHome, an online independent art shop selling a selection of unique, high quality, contemporary photographs for those seeking an out of the ordinary twist to their wall décor. Also, an interior and lifestyle blogger at SecretGardenHome. IG@secretgardenhome

Thank you to all contributors:

Doris Lee, Interior Designer and Blogger: w: dorisleedesign.comIG@dorisleestudio

      Photography by Chris Snook w:

Fiona Duke, Interior Designer: w: IG@fionadukeinteriors

      Photography by Anna Stathaki w:

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Cover image: Designed by Doris Lee, photography by Chris Snook