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Say it with purple

say it with purple flatlay

Welcome back to our mini series about colour and how it affect us daily. Last time we were talking about pink and this month let’s look at purple. Find out how you can include purple in your life, interiors, fashion and business.


I don’t know about you, but for me, purple is the colour of summer. I immediately think of lavender fields. Going for a walk through a meadow covered in purple and pink flowers is both calming and uplifting at the same time. Purple can be as strong and full of energy as red, but it also benefits from serenity of blue. The meaning of purple most often refers to nobility, abundance, dignity but also fantasy.

say it with purple

For Christians, purple is the colour of pride and signifies the spirit of reconciliation. Also, in Buddhism, the purple amethyst is believed to be sacred. The colour purple stimulates our imagination and enhances our spirituality. Too much of the colour purple can promote or aggravate depression in some, so use it with care.

Say it with purple


According to Kate Watson-Smyth, violet, which is a lighter hue of the colour purple, “it’s more traditionally known as the colour of royalty, and these associations date back thousands of years.” Therefore, the colour purple can create an impression of luxury, wealth and extravagance.

I love how Doris Lee Studio have transformed Kristjana Williams’s house into a vibrant and colourful work of art, incorporating her client’s wallpapers and fabrics and mixing them with unusual and vintage objects. Purple accents and accessories look so eye-catching in this eclectic scheme.

say it with purple


Purple also represents decadence, so if you want to recreate a boho-vibe, this colour is the perfect choice. The lighter shade of purple used by Carole Anderson in her daughter’s boho-inspired bedroom is playful, magical and romantic.

say it with purple

“I have always love purple. It has been my favourite colour since I was a young girl. I chose purple for our daughter’s room. This colour does go well with every colour it is so easy to design around it. I have added stripes and dots and very bright colours for a little girls boho bedroom. She has her own homework corner, which has a very colourful pegboard for all her needs.” Carole Anderson, Interior Design Blogger.

Dark purple, more on a plum or aubergine side, is really difficult to pull it off, in my opinion. Using it as an accent colour is probably the best bet as many might find it overwhelming and overbearing.

say it with purplesay it with purple


This living room designed by Emma Gurner from Folds Inside combining deep and dark purple with teal, however, is warm and stylish. This dark shade of purple is for the brave and daring. 

” I would associate with purple are rich, punchy, fruity. Not so easy to get it right in interiors. You need to be careful which shade you choose or it can look wrong!” Emma Gurner, Interior Designer

There are many shades of purple, but my old-time favourites are: Lilac and Sloe Gin; the last one is certainly in my wardrobe.


Ultra Violet has been the Pantone’s colour of 2018, so you were likely to have seen it more this year, on the catwalk and the highstreet. Whether you are a fan or not, you’ve got pretty wide choice of outfits and accessories ranging from burgundy and plum to more subtle lilac, which you can treat as an alternative to overly feminine pink (my choice).

Pantone describes ‘Ultra Violet’ as “dramatically provocative and thoughtful”, the purple shade is said to communicate “originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”

Every time I wear this hue, I’ve got ‘Purple Rain’ in my head.

say ti with purple

Try to use the colour wheel if you are struggling to combine different hues and would like to become a bit more adventures with your wardrobe.


Colours do evoke certain emotions, and many brands are aware of this fact. Purple suggest wealth and extravagance, so services claiming to be premium as well as those playing on indulgence and nostalgia are likely to be using this colour in their branding and packaging.

What colour is your favourite chocolate?! You all said Dairy Milk, probably; mine is Milka. Surprise surprise, their packaging is violet.

Also, similarly to pink, purple is frequently chosen for women’s cosmetics and wellness centres. Overall, purple is full of character, and can be both soothing and daring. So why not include it in your life?

What’s your favourite colour?

Written by Monika Pick, cover image featuring Penelope Hope cushion, Alexia Peck candle, Adexe watch, Scream Pretty earrings and Spritzwellness London Sleep mist.

Monika is co-founder of PickArtHome, an online independent art shop selling a selection of unique, high quality, contemporary photographs for those seeking an out of the ordinary twist to their wall décor. Also, an interior and lifestyle blogger at SecretGardenHome. IG@secretgardenhome

Thank you to all contributors:
Emma Gurner, Interior Designer for design studio Folds Inside: w: IG@em.gurner
Doris Lee, Interior Designer and Blogger: w: IG@dorisleestudio
Carole Anderson, Interior Design Blogger: IG@carole.anderson.31
Anna Yardley, Psychologist and Hypnotherapist: w: IG@anna_yardley

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