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Revolutionising the ancient art of mosaic


One of the best parts of my job as an editor is to discover new, exciting stories to tell. I love design in any shape and form and so when my attention is drawn to something amazing, in this case a new material, I have to share it. Claire Gaudion has launched a stunning collection of innovative custom wallcoverings and printed surfaces using resin mosaic. This is a new material revolutionising the ancient art of mosaics, which you can use in your home or commercial project.

Resin mosaic is the innovative fusion of digital printing with high-quality transparent resin. It’s hardly indistinguishable from ceramic and glass mosaics, except that it is lighter and thinner, as well as flexible and completely customisable. Claire says: “This exciting collaboration with Gemanco Design’s beautifully compliments our textile accessories, rugs and fabrics. Gemanco Design’s craftsmanship and innovative products are superb quality, are unique and bespoke. It’s really amazing to be working with such a great team.”

the art of mosaic

Claire started her brand in 2013 and after four years it is increasingly becoming a recognisable name on the British Interiors Textiles scene, championing the power of colour, pattern and texture for interiors. Claire’s contemporary patterned fabrics and accessories are made in UK. Taking inspiration from the ever-changing seascapes and coastal landscapes of the Channel Islands, the textiles and collaborative products depict the islands’ natural rhythms with unique colour combinations and rhythmic geometric and abstract patterns.

Claire’s work, which I’m a big fan of, is also influenced by abstract expressionist painters, Clifford Still, Barnett Newman and Rothko, Bauhaus designers Anni Albers and Gunta Stölzl, and artists and colourists Paul Klee and Sonia Delaunay.

Innovation has been always important to Gemanco Design, an Italian based material manufacturer. They specialise in the production of resin mosaics, UV printed on diverse supports and custom-made wallpapers. Led by a professional team, which includes architects and designers, they have achieved the perfect match between craftsmanship and innovation.

Please visit Claire Gaudion’s website for more information.