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Pitching your brand story to press?

Here is a quick guide to what you should have in your toolkit so you can pitch your brand story to editors and journalists effectively, generating PR goals and objectives you want to achieve.


Your story

The most important element of successful press pitching is your story. No other brand can be like yours. Brand storytelling goes well beyond your USPs. As an editor, I’m most interested in a story that my readers can relate to. Hence, the focus of your story should be on:

1/ Frustrations
What has led you to start your own brand? What was missing in the market?

2/ Problem solution
The next step of your story is to identify the solution to the frustration / problem you had. Customers, and indeed our readers, have become immune to selling products. They need to feel an emotional connection with your brand.

How do you solve their problem with your product? Is it aspirational, status or practical? How do you want them to feel when they experience it?

3/ Your background
Every press release should have a little story about the brand founders and their own journey.

4/ Founder’s quote

While talking about press releases, always include relevant quotes about the new product, service or collection. Think about how you, as the founder, feel about it.

High quality photography

Without great photography, one cannot promote their brand effectively. Always invest in best photographers and teams who understand your brand – your values, ethos, purpose, mission and vision. A wedding photographer will not deliver on-brand promotional imagery required for storytelling features unless they have a commercial and marketing mind.

1/ Lifestyle shots
The most important type of photography are lifestyle images. Model shots should be promoted with a full model’s head (we do not accept cropped model’s faces unless we are confident in building a strong story around them). Dynamic images which let our readers in are always preferred. A mix of lifestyle product shots with supporting non-product shots are always preferred.

2/ Stills
Stills are a great supporting addition to lifestyle shots. Products which can be placed in a home or customer’s/reader’s lifestyle trigger imagination and help to create a desire/need. One example is heels at the edge of the bed or in a dressing room, as well as shown on a model.

3/ Product shots (cut-outs)
For shopping and product pages, all products should be also be available on no background as .png files.

4/ Founder profile image

Always helpful to support the brand story.


From what assets you need and finding the right publications for your product-based business to pitching and relationship-building, in this workshop, we’ll walk you through the process of doing your own PR. With the continued uncertainties, PR is more relevant for small businesses than ever and we’ll show you how you can take control of your own PR so that you can increase your brand awareness.


What’s covered:

  1. All essential PR assets to make your PR efforts and activities effective and worthwhile
  2. Publication schedules
  3. Pitching tips for your products and yourself as a founder
  4. Dos and don’ts
  5. Influencer marketing

Available as a replay

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