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PR masterclass: How to excel at doing your own PR


I believe that PR and marketing are business activities that most small creative business owners should be able to do themselves. If you are about to launch or have already a small fashion or lifestyle brand and you are struggling to get PR, this PR masterclass I’m hosting alongside Dessy from Utelier might be for you.

This event will cover essential elements needed for getting into the press and generating exposure for you and your brand.

  1. PR vs Marketing – Often confused, they serve different purposes and need different approaches.
  2. You and your story: Press is always looking for great stories and so we will discuss the importance of you and your brand’s story as a foundation. What is your mission/purpose and concept?
  3. Press materials: Once you have your story nailed, the next step is to have all visuals ready for press. Publications have different structures and features but there are common content and press requirements e.g. photography types, press releases, which you need to have available at short notice.
  4. Research: Your PR expectations will depend on the research you do prior to pitching to press. Research is, therefore, a vital step to making your PR efforts effective. Where do you see your brand to be featured? What is the best place of exposure for you and your brand?
  1. PR strategy: You only get clarified on your PR strategies once you have the understanding of what each publication is looking for through the research you’ve done. Setting PR strategies effectively will depend on your expectations, the right publication for your brand and timing.
  2. Pitching: We will discuss the best and innovative angles of how.


You will leave knowing not only the key aspects of doing PR but with tonnes of examples of how to do it right and ideas applicable to you and your business. You will also have started to develop your own coherent PR proposition – how to best present your brand, the do’s and don’ts and how you can use this to game-changing effect.


This is an entry-level class, but you should ideally come with a project or a business idea you’re ready to work on so that you can ask questions and make notes specific to your business/product as you go through the masterclass.

We ran this masterclass back in March and here are some of the testimonials:

“Thank you for such a great class! So much wonderful information and inspiring stories. I’m looking over the pages and pages of notes I took last night – such solid practical advice.”

“A really informative evening, great speakers and filled with like-minded people all willing to share and care.”

“The PR workshop was extremely useful as a ‘how to’ introduction – packed full of ideas and advice. “

“A lot of content which was practical and very informative, so much to take away. Got more than expected. Well worth it. Thank you so much.”

When and where?

The masterclass is held at The Swiss Church / Gallery Room, 79 Endell Street, London, WC2H 9DY from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.  Spaces are very limited so get your ticket and hope to see you there. Kxx

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