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PR case study: Ador by Ayesha

PR case study

If you’re feeling like you’re getting nowhere with your PR efforts, here is a case study that you might find helpful. As I keep saying to brands and designers, successful PR (like in business in general) is about WHO and WHAT you know. Connections and information are key. Getting an amazing brand exposure through press and celebrities is not an easy task for small independent designers and brands. I caught up with Ayesha Malhotra from ADOR by Ayesha to tell me more about her collaboration with Donna McCulloch, the stylist for the recently Oscar-winning actress and writer, Rachel Shenton, and the whole crew.  Here we share a recent PR case study that led to Ayesha’s brand exposure at the Oscars.

  1. How did the collaboration with Donna and Rachel came about? 

I had first met Donna McCulloch through a common friend and blogger Emma (@_.s.a.s.h_ ), and immediately connected with her as someone who’s vibrant personality and sense of style resonates with my brand. We stayed in touch and met up a few times intermittently. A few weeks ago, she reached out to me requesting for the Chandelier earrings for the Oscar red carpet! I was, of course, utterly delighted to oblige. Donna had a clear vision of what she wanted and chose the Chandelier Topaz earrings, that Rachel Shenton eventually wore herself. 

As you know, Rachel Shenton, is the writer and actor for the wonderfully meaningful movie, The Silent Child. The movie raises awareness for an invisible disability – deafness. It is such a noble cause, one that she is personally passionate about, given her father went profoundly deaf when she was young. 

It is an honour to be associated with this poignant movie and cause, in this small way, and as a gesture of support, I will be donating a portion of the proceeds of all future sales of these earrings to Deaflinks, a wonderful charity that Rachel supports.  


  1. What Ador by Ayesha stands for (what is your brand story?, what’s unique about it? how are you helping women to feel? what is your mission?..)

Growing up in India, my obsession with jewellery was almost inevitable! As a country, India is one of the largest consumers of gold. In my culture, jewellery is a thing of beauty and opulence, of heirloom and heritage, but also of inherent investment value! 

I longed for these finely crafted pieces of jewellery but with designs that were more contemporary and wearable, and would translate to my life outside India.  I wanted the same timelessness in design, the craftsmanship of heirloom pieces, but without eye-watering price tags! This is how I came to quit investment banking to launch my own brand of semi-precious jewellery! 

Over the past decade and a half, I worked and lived in Hong Kong, New York and London, and I channelled these rich multi-cultural influences to create designs for the modern woman of the world, while staying true to my Indian heritage with a distinctly colourful and exquisitely handcrafted collection.  


  1. What is your new collection about?

Our collection offers a beautiful range of unique, statement jewellery at affordable and aspirational prices. Our semiprecious jewellery with natural gemstones is set in sterling silver or brass and plated with 18 carat gold. It is both contemporary, for the modern woman, and colourful, reflecting my Indian heritage. It is exquisitely handcrafted with timeless designs, much like heirloom jewellery, so you can use it and cherish it for as long as you want! 

You can find out more about ADOR by Ayesha on the website.

Ayesha and Donna are part of Atelier of Success. This is an amazing community of emerging designers, interior designers, stylists, fashion accessory brands, artists and photographers, where we help each other to grow. This is where I encourage sharing knowledge and brand collaborations. No fakes, self-interest liars and backstabbers are allowed. Please join us here. And, feel free to share if you found this useful!