slow living

Slow living in a fast moving world

We live in a fast moving world. A phone that we’ve had for a less than a year is outdated by a newer model, fashions change relentlessly with the season, and we’re too busy to cook and rely more and more on pre-prepared meals that are ready in minutes. With the anticipation of what is round […]

bold feature walls

Colour my home: styling it dark

I’m introducing a new interiors series “COLOUR MY HOME” for those of you, who love colour but are not confident in using it in your home. I believe that if you let colours into your life, it can be a serious confidence-booster. I brought Mairi Helena on board,  a seriously bold pattern designer and photographer, who […]


Branding tips for small independent brands

Let’s be honest, being a small independent label is not easy. We juggle many balls at once while learning new skills all the time. But one thing that I see many of us are getting wrong is the message, or story, we want our customer to get through our branding and marketing campaigns. In particular, […]

Meet Samie Lee Photography

Photography has always been something that I wanted to go back to after studying film at college. After meeting my partner and having 3 children, a good friend of mine, who always believed in me, gave me the push I needed to get back behind the lens. I am so glad she did, since then I […]