VON: Bringing luxury aromatherapy scents into interiors


von home fragrance brand

VON is a London-based sustainable home fragrance brand that specialises in bringing vibrant and sensual scents to personal spaces. With the aim of adding an extra dimension to interiors, they create handcrafted, naturally derived incense cones, room sprays and candles.
From scents that keep you grounded and mindful of the “here and now” to fragrances that evoke escape to faraway places, every single element of VON products is sustainable, natural and eco-qualified. They only use 100% safe and environmentally friendly ingredients, and all products are made in the UK. They don’t use any animal-derived ingredients, making their products 100% vegan friendly too.

Their packaging is made from recyclable or reusable materials, with the labels being biodegradable. The containers are 100% recycle and / or can be reused for other purposes.

About the founder:

Before starting the brand, Christel von Asplund was travelling around the globe for work and study in fashion and art. Collecting fragrance ideas along the way, from the spice markets of Istanbul, the aromatic alleys of Shanghai, the bustling St. George market in Grenada and all the places in between, Christel decided to bring all her knowledge and experiences into VON. Now settled in London, where her studio is established, she firmly believes that adding a truly evocative dimension to everyone’s personal space is best done naturally, and by being mindful of the wellbeing of the planet.

Christel was born in Sweden and takes her diverse creative influences from her Swedish father and Caribbean mother – to form an uncommon and exotic fusion of ideas and sensory reference points.

To learn more and view all candles, room scents and incense cones, please visit: maisonvon.com



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