Victoria Mateo: Art as a process of liberation


Victoria Mateo portait art collection

Originally from France, portrait artist Victoria Mateo found her artistic calling after moving to Toronto where she started initially as a make-up artist for Chanel. An opportunity to take the reins of the beauty department in the largest semi-nude artistic photography company in North America presented itself and Victoria transferred her skills and knowledge into this new role.

However, it was a trip to Bali where through painting she discovered the power of liberation.

As Victoria says: “Through the constant search for landmarks to identify myself with, I built myself up by juggling two masks in my hands: that of the warrior who faces internal suppression, and that of the “people pleaser” which allowed me to better integrate within societal conformities.

But through these portraits, I’ve dropped the masks and liberated the voice of women through tenderness and strength. They are all part of me, and part of everyone. They are the symbols of healing femininity, wisdom, vulnerability and intrinsic power.”


Faced with the oppressive conditioning from family, society, and genetics, my art expresses this magical journey for inner liberation: acceptance, self-love, and the healing of emotional, psychological and personal identity traumas.

Each painting is the intimate encounter between the repressed little girl, riding on Aladdin’s magic carpet, determined to touch the stars, and the resilient bohemian Gypsy woman who learnt to read them, and is aware of her nurturing and mystical power and utilises them to accomplish her dreams.

Drawing and painting became a valuable and precious tool that allowed me to find inner peace.

Through commission work, I have the privilege of guiding and accompanying my clients in their own process of liberation: I sanctify their desire for growth through personalised iconic portraits. These custom-made paintings are used as a support for contemplation and visualisation tools during meditative practices. They have the option of being decorated with family or personal jewels.”


Victoria Mateo details:

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