Studioparisien: Design collaboration celebrating French savoir-flair now in London


studioparisien collaboration design collection

From 9th to 14th October, Métaphores – the innovator in weaving and fabrics edition for interior design, belonging to Hermès’ textile division – will showcase the exquisite collaborative capsule with the interior architecture and design duo Studioparisien at a special exhibition by The Invisible Collection during Frieze London in the coveted Sotheby’s Preferred Members Room.

Imagined in a delicate palette of late Summer colours – rose, rust, amber and more – the tactility of the Creative and Image Director of Métaphores Emilie Paralitici’s fabric curation gently dresses and underlines the sculptural form of the pieces designed by Studioparisien.

The Studioparisien x Métaphores showcase presented by The Invisible Collection is a masterful meeting of French savoir-faire and creativity with highlights of the collection spanning thePanther sofa – a unique design that recalls the feline’s posture gracefully reclining – skilfully upholstered by Atelier Jouffre in Métaphores Concorde fabric, a rare artisanal linen velvet crafted from eco-friendly fibres, produced for the first time in a limited edition.

The long, flexible fibres of the linen stand out for their incomparable depth and luxuriance. Perfectly suited to upholstery, its texture creates a soft and inviting feel; a washed finish enhances its surface with soft frosted highlights.

Concorde also illustrates the house’s firm commitment to the environment: a natural andecofriendly textile fibre known for its strength and softness, linen contributes to soilpreservation as it requires no fertiliser and relatively little water. This fabric, grown in NorthernFrance, carries the Master of Linen label. Concorde is woven, dyed and finished in Europe by house’s partners who has the know-how and expertise required to develop this incredible material.

The Sévigné Armchairs, Ottoman and Daybed – a tribute to Madame de Sévigné, a French aristocrat and writer viewed as one of the first female authors in classic literature, upholstered in Métaphores Suede Terre Cuite, Caroube Sorgho and Cosy Caviar.

Suede is voluptuous and delectably soft to the touch, with a pattern intended to look likecreased leather or cracked pottery. Its delicate relief is created by the different colours of thechenille, whose juxtaposition creates a compelling interplay of light and shadow that gives it amotion of its own. A chromatic softness is in perfect harmony with its mellifluous fibres.

Named after the carob tree, whose edible pods are its most salient feature, Caroube offers a novel take on wool bouclettes. The difference between its coarser relief pattern and its finer silkier background leads to an intriguing interplay between matt and shiny, rough and smooth surfaces. Its speckled pattern suggests the way carpenters carve wood with gouges.

Cosy leads to an organic world, with a dotted effect that recalls the surfaces of shells and the texture of the feathers. There, chenille creates a play of depth and relief, its robustness gives it resistance for sitting. Its appearance soft and fluffy is thus revealed in itsvoluptuousness, which seems to offer one promise of rest and safety.

The capsule collection The Studioparisien x Métaphores will be on show by appointment only during Frieze London in a special exhibition presented by The Invisible Collection at Sotheby’s to be enjoyed from 9th – 14th October 2021.

The Studioparisien x Métaphores capsule joins The Invisible Collection’s roster of exceptionalworks of collectible contemporary design. The collection will be available to purchase exclusively on from October 2021.



From innovative social retail, disruptive beauty brands to natural luxe interiors and maximalist art, this edition is a must-read for any creative.

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