Studio Arcform introduces its Flute contemporary pendant light


contemporary pendant light by Studio Arcform

British lighting brand, Studio Arcform introduces its latest contemporary pendant light called the “Flute”adding glass as a new material to their distinctive single-strip metal cone signature style. The Flute is the perfect marriage of contemporary design with luxury materials and British craftsmanship.


Striking on their own or as a clutter for a ‘wow’ statement or focal point, contemporary pendant lighting like the Flute is increasingly growing in popularity. As a targeted lighting solution, pendant lights are a perfect solution for kitchen islands, but can also be used in a small open space like a hallway or in a living room. Featuring a solid brass body and borosilicate glass, the pendant disperses the light in a sophisticated yet playful way, casting shadows and creating an ambient atmosphere in any interior. The ribbed detail of the glass adds a classic touch while it can effortlessly fit into any contemporary space.

Handcrafted and made to order in their workshop in England, Studio Arcform uses traditional processes of metal forming, burnishing and polishing, which are applied with accurate precision and exceptional attention to detail

Studio Arcform is passionate about sustainability in lighting design, trying to do their bit to minimise their impact on the environment. From design, materials and production to packaging and installation, every step and process is carefully considered. For example, their packaging is 100% recyclable or re-useable. The pendants are carefully packed into dust bags which can be used for storing precious items such a jewellery, handbags or toys.They also use packing chips which are either compostable or dissolve in water.

contemporary pendant light by Studio Arcform

contemporary pendant light by Studio Arcform

If you want to find out more about Studio Arcform and their “Flute”,
please visit: studioarcform

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