New herbal tea infusions by Skin Alchemists for the beauty within


skin alchemists

Award-winning London based eco-luxe beauty brand Skin Alchemists just launched two herbal tea infusions to add to their hardworking multi-functional skincare range.  

“I strongly believe that beauty begins from within, and I am thrilled to bring these floral blends of pleasant aromatics and beauty tonics” , says its founder, Theresa Edward.

Herbal teas offer a moment of connection to the botanical world which the brand deeply cherishes. Each nourishing, antioxidant rich herb in these alchemic concoctions was grown with care from a certified organic, single farming estate. Using bio-dynamic farming practices the family run farm consider themselves “stewards of the land” rather than farmers. They – like Skin Alchemists -value and focus on quality over quantity.

The first tea infusion is called Radiance is made with clarifying botanicals which create a rainbow in your teapot with orange, yellow, reddish-pink and blue flowers. The blossoms calm and revitalise your mood whilst licorice root harmoniously adds a touch of sweetness.

Made from certified organic ingredients: Chamomile, Calendula, Rose Petals, Licorice, Bachelor Buttons, Spearmint

The second tea infusion is called Roselle and helps you to unwind. Subtly sweet and tart notes permeate its balanced profile. Packed with Vitamin C, rich antioxidants and Hibiscus – a herbalists favourite flower to aid promote liver health and regulate blood pressure.

Made from certified organic ingredients: Hibiscus, Peppermint, Licorice Root

Both teas also double as herbal tea face steam.




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