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Art means the expression of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Rug’Society is a craftsmanship brand that rises designs with natural wool and botanical silk as pieces of art born to cover floors, but also walls once creativity does not have rules.

All the rugs of the brand go through detailed creation processes and a set of handmade techniques which makes them beautiful art items. However, the combination of colours, textures and patterns enhances even more that side of the tapestry capable of transforming any room into an art gallery. They call it the contemporary art of tapestry.

The use of rugs on walls fills the vertical space with history, comfort, and warmth. Dêco Rug , inspired by Art Deco which was born from a mixture of different and sometimes contradictory styles, uses the bold geometric forms of the art with more neutral and contemporary tones. The combination of the unusual shape with the fringes turns this rug into a perfect wall decor that spreads glamour, art, and boldness for the entire room.

Rug Society

The tapestry can be an ex-libris of decor depending on the position and finishing look of the item. Neutral rugs, such as Möoscan resemble an abstract piece of art where only its texture unveils what it really is, without missing the beauty. The entire Urban Collection by Rug’Society seems like a whiteboard painted by an artist but where the canvas is a textile. The American painter Jackson Pollock was a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement, and the founder of the “drip technique”. The collection perfectly fits with one of his art pieces being an affirmation of modern art in the brand.

Rug Society

Art does not always have to be placed on the walls, sometimes a statement piece is enough to play that role wherever it is placed. Reptilus Rug is a powerful design that screams art through every inch of scales. This is a hand-tufted and overtufting rug that brings the strength of nature to interiors.

All of these rugs are living proof of how Rug’Society is much more than a tapestry brand, it is pure art.

Rug Society

Rug Society


Rug’Society is an exquisite Portuguese brand of rugs and coverings selection that aims to transform rugs into pieces of art. Rug’Society appears with a strong connotation to the eclectic style, a brand that transmits emotions. Emotions is always the starting point for every design that they conceive in order to stimulate and develop new trends. It is time to be masters in tapestry and, for that, Rug’Society presents  a bold and contemporary design, always thinking about the future, and giving their products uniqueness, exclusiveness and premium design.

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