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When businesses grow and mature, sometimes there is a need for a rebrand. Here we share an interview with the founders of newly rebranded Audenza, an online homeware store that encourages its customers to be bolder, braver and more audacious.

Why did you decide to rebrand and change the business name to Audenza?
We launched MiaFleur (our original company name) 5 years ago and we actually used to sell vintage furniture. We spent our weekends at auctions hunting down beautiful one-off pieces and then lovingly upcycling them. But that just wasn’t scalable for us, and things evolved; the company grew, and so did we. MiaFleur no longer represented us as brand and to ensure the longevity of the company we needed a change. So we set about choosing a name for a lifetime.

Even when we sold vintage furniture, it wasn’t your run-of-the-mill upcycled pieces in cream, grey and beige. It was exactly as you’d expect from us – bold and daring. So we needed a brand and a name that said exactly that.

Audenza is derived from Latin, meaning to be audacious, daring, bold or courageous, which is exactly how we feel you should approach decorating your home.


What is your mission?

To empower and inspire others to have the courage to fearlessly embrace their own interiors style and to equip them with the products and the knowledge to design their own truly fabulous home.

Who is your customer?

Successful women with a strong and sophisticated sense of style. Our customers are unashamedly feminine, yet strong and empowered. Whether they’re decorating a whole room from scratch or simply looking for accent pieces to add character and personality to their spaces, they love anything just a little bit out of the ordinary.

What is the most popular product right now?

Our Brass Flamingo Table Lamps have been incredibly popular. Brand new for AW17 and already a best seller; we have 2 different versions, each with a hot pink shade. These lamps embody the Audenza look  – quirky, glam and undeniably fabulous!

In terms of continuing best sellers, our Zebra Vases have been really popular since we launched them last year. They’ve been regularly featured in the press and always get lots of great reviews. In fact, some of our most popular items are the quirkiest,  our customers definitely share our slightly eccentric tastes!

Any tips on how to inject some individuality in your home?

Forget trends, what the magazines or even what your friends say, your home should be as unique and beautiful as you are.

For me, the best question to ask yourself when designing a new room, or even buying a new piece is – Does it make me smile? We’re all guilty of agonising over decisions, but I think the worry of what others will think is the biggest culprit to indecision. So if it really makes you smile, then go for it. You’ll love it for years to come and your home will really feel like your own.

Photography by Samie Lee Photography.

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