New Candy collection by Susi Bellamy


Susi Bellamy Candy collection

Launched in March 2022, the new Candy Collection by Susi Bellamy has taken inspiration from the concept of ‘dopamine dressing’ – the practice of wearing bold colours and vibrant prints to boost your mood – and translated into a collection that interiors lovers can enjoy in their homes rather than wardrobe.

The Candy Collection designs are intended to delight and be uplifting – something that reflects the need to collectively rediscover the love for cheerful interiors that blend luxurious touches with whimsical designs.

The collection is heavily influenced by the regal-yet-playful aesthetics of fantasy costume drama and the frilly, elaborate flourishes of rococo design. The cotton fabric used is lighter and brighter than their signature velvets, making it ideal for the Spring/Summer season.

As Susi says: “We wanted to balance the all-out extravagance of the ultra-feminine with elements that kept the range feeling fresh and contemporary. We balanced the powder puff pinks with tangy oranges and the indulgent royal purples with crisp mint greens. The flowing curves of our ink swirls are contained within chevrons and squares to harmonise between the organic and the graphic. The motifs are a nostalgic assortment. Ginghams and patchworks recall your grandmother’s quilts and picnic blankets as well as our signature marbled prints. The layering of these offers an unexpectedly modern interpretation of chintz. This range is for the frill­ seekers and for those who have been wanting to play around with their existing schemes.”

This collection is also more affordable than their main line range which Susi hopes will invite people to experiment with ostentatious prints.

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