Murus Art welcomes new artist Katy Mary


murus art katy Mary artist profile

An online gallery – Murus  Art – released new architectural paintings for summer 2022 by artist Katy Mary. Kate Mary is the newest artist to join the gallery where her work is available to buy. Kate draws inspiration primarily from interiors and architecture, which can be seen in the glass structures and botanical themes in her paintings. She works mainly with acrylic and oil pastel on paper or stretched canvas, favouring cool blues mixed with warm pinks and yellows.

Katy says, “My work serves as a memory to me, as it can transport me back to a very specific place and help me remember fine details. The way something smelled, for example, is recalled through colour or mark making.

“For people viewing my work, I want it to be fun, uplifting and bring joy. I want them to add their own memories and imagine their own experiences through my fond remembrance and retelling.”

Many of Kate’s designs begin in her journal, which she uses to record inspirations and ideas. “It all starts from the journalling. From those notes comes pattern and colour – the most important elements for me – and I find the compositions then come together on their own.

I’m led by all the places or spaces I visit, whether while travelling or during more everyday moments such as a nice coffee or a walk in the park. I carry a wee journal with me and note down observations from places; little sensory interests descriptions of patterns or half heard conversations for example. All these elements find their way back into my paintings, and I see the final pieces as a kind of distillation and re-imagination of these experiences.”

Murus Art katy mary colourful art piece

Murus Art on the shelf

Murus Art Katy Mary green landscape

To see Katy’s art work on Murus Art website, please click here.

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