Murus Art: Buying art with AR technology


Murus Art gallery

Online-only art gallery Murus Art have launched the most seamless customer experience for buying art online –  enabling virtual try-on of pieces from their collection 750 paintings at home in the first-of-its kind AR adoption on an art retailer’s or gallery’s website.
The AR technology allows customers to ‘try before you buy’, revolutionising the market and creating a unique way of buying art – connecting customers and their homes with contemporary affordable art.

Rose O’Shea, co-founder of Murus Art, said:
“Our mission has always been to make buying art online easier and more accessible. We knew from speaking to our customers one of the biggest pain points in buying art online was the inability to visualise what a piece of art would look like in their home. The solution developed through our partnership with Poplar Studio solves this problem and gives our customers an unprecedented service, offering the full augmented reality experience across our entire catalogue of affordable original art.”


Murus Art helps others build unique art collections that say something about them.

They felt passionately about wanting to bring homes to the forefront of buying art, something they haven’t seen before.  From the outset, solving the dilemma many face when looking to buy art of “what will it look like on my wall” was their goal.

It’s difficult to know where to start when buying art for your home, hard to visualise what the art will look like on your wall and can feel intimidating for many. Murus Art solves these dilemmas with their virtual reality tool, that allows you to visualise artwork on your walls at home.

Murus makes buying contemporary art accessible for all, with interest free finance. Their partnership with Own Art helps more people buy art affordably.

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