Lisa-Marie Price and Mimi Zouch joined forces for a duo art show


Lisa-Marie Price and Mimi Zouch art show

Lisa-Marie Price and Mimi Zouch, two emerging artists renowned for capturing the intricacies of the natural world presented their much-anticipated duo show, The Undertones of Being. As guest artists at the pioneering Sarah Kravitz Gallery, the pop-up exhibition featured subtle abstract watercolour paintings by Price and sculptural paper carvings by Zouch.

Delving into the rhythmic simplicities of the natural world, through a limited palette of black and white tones, Price and Zouch offered a reflective journey into the essence of existence. With a desire for both artists to evoke introspection and dialogue around the impact of modern societal and environmental issues on our collective consciousness, this exhibition explored the delicate interplay between darkness and beauty.

Commenting on the exhibition Price expressed; “It is integral that we invite moments of stillness back into our lives. In a fast-paced world filled with tech-heavy behaviour, taking time to reflect and immerse ourselves in nature is vital to our mental health and well-being. Located just off the busy streets of London, the exhibition offers a moment of calm and relaxation, allowing our mind to rest and be still.”

Zouch added: “There is a calmness we can take from the reliable cycles of the earth and the moon. They remain gracefully rhythmic; a juxtaposition to the accelerating chaos of the man- made world we’ve found ourselves in today. Seeing the moon in the sky, or catching a sunrise, can inexplicably help us feel peaceful and grounded. I hope viewers of this collection of works enjoy similar moments of tranquillity.”

The show was curated by Juliet Wilson. Let’s take a closer look…




Lisa-Marie Price

Lisa is an environmentally focused abstract painter. She works primarily with handmade watercolours sourced from natural earth pigments.

The central purpose of her work is to raise awareness of our delicate natural landscapes and the ever-worsening climate crisis. She uses sustainable and eco-conscious methods in her practice to highlight overconsumption and careless consumerism.

The physicality of paint making with earth pigments forges a deep-rooted connection to the materials she uses, both from urban and rural settings.

Although her paintings are subtle in their appearance, they examine big topics – climate change, sustainability, ecology and our food systems are the main motivations behind her work. Researching and staying informed on these topics allows Lisa to challenge our ingrained patterns and behaviours through her paintings.

View the full collection here.


Mimi Zouch

Mimi Zouch, a contemporary abstract artist, is based in North-West London (B. Birmingham 1984). After a successful career in law, and founding her own events company for over 4 years until 2016, the call to create kept pulling her towards drawing and painting. Having completed a life drawing course at Kingston University in her mid-twenties, she continued to explore form and composition.

In 2020 Zouch made the leap into her career as an artist, and the following years served to accelerate Mimi’s self-taught practice through experimentation with the use of acrylics and earth pigments on various surfaces. Paper manipulation is prominent in her most recent collection of works, exploring the natural textures and surfaces that she encounters on her daily walk through the woods and her fascination with the intricate variation and beauty of mushrooms and tree bark.

Zouch is represented by Catharine Miller Gallery in Chelsea, London, Art & People – Claudia Kennaugh – in Bristol, and she’s an artist member of ArtCan. Her work has been exhibited in The Crypt Gallery, America Square Conference Centre, The News Building, and Precious Postcards exhibition. She’s had work exhibited at The Decorative Art Fair in 2022 and 2023. Features include two online Houzz articles and an online artists feature with Estila magazine.

Please visit Mimi Zouch website for more information about this collection and other artworks:


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