Can wallpaper be Biophilic? Hovia explores this concept


hovia biophilic wallpaper

When wallpaper company Hovia explored the research around nature’s effect on mental health, they found that viewing images depicting nature can improve moods and make it easier for people to recover from stress. In their research they also found that, according to Hovia Head of Design Catherine Jacob, “Google shows us that US searches for Biophilic design over recent years seemed to peak sharply around the beginning of pandemic lockdowns, suggesting that it’s resonating with people as a direct response to improving our wellbeing while living and working indoor.”

As a lot of their wallpapers are inspired by and represent nature, Hovia encourages customers to pair them with potted plants, organic materials, soft furniture shapes, good lighting and other natural analogues to easily set up their own Biophilic space, where they can be positively impacted by natural elements; whether that’s in homes or offices.

There are many benefits of adding Biophilic design elements in interiors. From reducing cortisol levels and therefore allowing better recovery from stress to increasing productivity through views of nature or replacing harsh lighting with daylight, Biophilic principles are proven for their positive results on one’s wellbeing in interior settings.

“We find that customers particularly connect with nature-inspired designs for these reasons.’Botanical, tropical, and forest wallpapers are best sellers for us. As well as ones with calm flowing lines or hand-painted elements.”

Shop Hovia’s botanical wallpaper range. Curated with plant and nature-based patterns and mural designs they help  create and enhance a Biophilic space through visual imagery and colours.

Hovia details:

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