Danic Lago: New Lover’s Eyes collection


danic lago collage art

London based mixed media artist, Danic Lago, specialises in intricate manual collages layered with a highly curated mix of materials. From paper, wood, watercolour, to ink, acrylic, gold leaf, fabrics, dried leaves, mosses, pieces of trees and stones, Danic’s work is strongly inspired by feminine power in haute couture fashion.

Influenced by her upbringing in Brazil and then living in Switzerland, Mexico and now London, Danic has always been an explorer and a collector of small treasures. Her worldly experiences help her create colourful and playful art, letting the viewer makes its own interpretation.

Moon’s Melody


Eyes of Venus


Eyes of Venus


Eternal Bloom


Eternal Bloom

Part of the Lover’s Eyes collection are these three pieces – Moon’s Melody, Eyes of Venus and Eternal Bloom – based around love and enchantment.

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