Sustainable artist Colette Lavette solo exhibition on Purslane platform


Artist Colette Lavette

An online art platform, Purslane, functions as a promotional vehicle for young artistic talent while raising funds for different philanthropic causes.From early December to 31st January 2022, the platform presents the online solo exhibition called Ex Nihilo with the UK based sustainable artist Colette Lavette.

The aim of the exhibition is to raise funds for The Children’s Society to support children’s welfare and mental health.

Colette Lavette presents a series of figurative paintings created using sustainable and cruelty-free materials. Harnessing natural and non-toxic materials, Colette’s work revolves around our relationship with nature and the environment. Colette’s brushwork is rich with dream-like qualities and Renaissance iconography that mirror the works of Sandro Botticelli and Titian.

The meaning of Ex Nihilo translates as ‘out of nothing,’ a pertinent description of Colette’s process of working, broken brushstrokes are built up and layered until figures and narratives begin to emanate from the surface. These prelapsarian scenes, that often focus on angelic figures possess an Edenic-like quality, reflect Colette’s interest and dedication to sustainable painting practices.

Harnessing the same types of pigments that were used in prehistoric cave paintings, the paintings are made to last indefinitely, but are non-toxic and would biodegrade naturally, if returned to the Earth.

Charlie Siddick, Founder of Purslane says: “I fell in love with Colette’s work when I stumbled across it in some corner of the internet. Her artistic voice is so strong and coherent it felt right to do a solo presentation. The body of work that makes up ‘Ex Nihilo’ is dreamy, but possesses depth and feels to me to be a really perfect opportunity for beautiful, thoughtful and sustainable gift-giving this holiday season. I couldn’t be happier to be supporting Colette’s chosen charity, ‘The Children’s Society’ as a young, working mother, children’s welfare and mental health is a primary concern for the artist.”

About Purslane Gallery:

Purslane was born out of a desire to change the way in which the art market functions. Founder & Curator Charlie Siddick was shocked to discover that the most an artist receives when selling work through a gallery is 50%, often as little as 20%. This distribution may have little effect on the livelihood of well-established artists but it can be crippling for young, emerging artists- damaging their creative process and feelings of self-worth.

Purslane’s aim is to provide an accessible, simple and beautiful space for new and existing collectors to get inspired and excited by art.

Purslane aims to raise £50,000 for charitable causes in 2022.

About Founder and CEO Charlie Siddick:

Charlie Siddick graduated from the Courtauld with a BA in Art History in 2016. Siddick had a long career in the fashion industry as a model which gave her the opportunity to travel the world and mix with creatives. Since graduating, she has had the opportunity to interview many artists for a variety of publications and always felt like art was her calling but was put-off by the traditional gallery, auction house models which value financial gains over the development of artistic talent.

When the Black Lives Matter protests took off in the Summer of 2020 she felt called to contribute to the movement in a meaningful way, Purslane was the result. Siddick organised a big fundraiser for The Stephen Lawrence Trust, featuring the work of upcoming and emerging artists which went on to raise over £5000.

Artist Colette Lavette

Artist Colette Lavette

About Colette Lavette:

Having graduated with a first class BA in design in 2013, Colette has since travelled the world, returning to her hometown to establish her place within the art world, renovate historical homes and build a family. At the centre of her personal life and art practice is her passion for sustainability, as well as her interest in geological/biological history and psychological cause and effect that transcends time.

Colette has most recently exhibited at physical venues such as, Rugby Museum & Art Gallery, London’s Southbank OXO tower Wharf and Boomer Gallery in Whitechapel and virtual events such as King House Gallery: The Year 2020. She has been featured multiple times in the Homes & Garden Art Edit. Her original works sit in collections around the world, including Hong Kong, France, Germany, Iceland and America as well as throughout the UK including works currently residing in the Paul Smith Mayfair store. Currently represented by New Blood Art.

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