Nature inspired textile collection by Claire Gaudion


Claire Gaudion Biophilic cushions

Nature inspired artisan textile design studio, Claire Gaudion, launches new collection of woven cushions. Claire Gaudion’s new ‘Flux’ collection of cushions has a biophilic colour focus, celebrating the naturalistic colours of our ever-changing natural landscapes and seascapes.

Claire Gaudion Flux Collection

“I’m fascinated by how things in nature are in continual flux – the richly textured and multi-tonal landscapes are ever changing. This is the inspiration behind our new cushion collection” , says Claire.

The Flux Collection cushions are made from cotton jacquard fabrics, woven and made Britain. “My take on biomimicry (mimicking nature’s patterns) focuses on the experience of nature in motion. The way the weather, dynamic light and the ebb and flow of the tides engage with our surroundings, reminds us of the ever-changing colourful and layered, textural richness seen in nature.”

The designs are Claire’s translation of things in flux, colours, forms and patterns to-ing and fro-ing in the natural world around us. Therefore, the colours are not trend driven. The palette of naturalistic colours are inspired by a biophilic approach to design and well-being. Warm earthy tones from blush to sandy terracottas mix with the colours of blossom and sunsets. These are complimented by sky and ocean hues in greens and blues.

‘Dunes’ design references our ever-changing landscapes and nature’s mark-making. Coastal sand dunes display beautiful contours and undulations, created by nature. On the other hand, the ‘Breeze’ design is inspired by grasses gently swaying and dancing in a gentle breeze and how the wind creates ripples on the surface of water. The woven textures have a beautifully tactile finish. Viewed in detail, the layered and interlaced threads feature tonal highlights within the weave, characteristically accentuating the sense of nature in flux. Each design and colourway is double-faced creating a double-sided cushion, with one side of the fabric being used for dramatic contrast.

The cotton yarns are sourced from an Italian mill and from  UK Weaving mill where their fabrics are woven locally. Proudly made in Britain.

Claire Gaudion details:

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