The challenges of a mindful design project inspired by Feng Shui


mindful design kngswood project

When designers at Carden Cunietti were approached with an interesting project to create a mindful design inspired by traditional Chinese practice, Feng Shui in the middle of London, they certainly rose to the challenge and delivered. Creating a fully holistic abode, they were tasked to oversee the structural tweaks necessary to keep the good “chi” energy flow  inside.

For that, a whole new interior wall was erected. Working within the practice, water-specific areas such as bathrooms were placed on a specific axis for favourable Feng Shui purposes, the placing of WCs being of optimum importance for good luck.

The living spaces were harmonised with nature and specific design features, creating as much natural light as possible was key to the design process as this creates a calm and peaceful mindset.

Decorative vertical wood panels stretch from floor-to-ceiling, representing growth and expansion while channeling the designer’s take on contemporary Chinese decor.

The character of the mindful design is brought in through natural materials and tactile twists, while tranquil nooks offer a space for meditation.

Credits: Carden Cunietti

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