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cera cotton

The “Introducing” is a series of interviews or stories of independent lifestyle and design brands that you have probably not heard of yet. It’s an introduction to the brand story, told by its founder. Here we share the story of  new homeware brand “Cera Cotton”.

‘Cera’ is the Latin word for ‘Wax’, which is what Cera Cotton is all about…

After feeling frustrated by the amount of plastic taken on a camping trip, Rosie Bath, Cera Cotton Founder, took her skills as a costume maker in the film industry and began experimenting with plastic-free fabric alternatives. Many prototypes later, she decided that wax cotton makes the ideal alternative due to its water resistant qualities and luxurious feel.

This tried and tested 500-year-old fabric has since been transformed and created a range of beautiful, plastic-free, wax cotton products to fill your home.


Tired of seeing brands ‘greenwashing’ customers, the strives to be completely honest about their practices, materials and strategies.

Through painstaking research and sourcing, they are now 100% plastic-free. To prove it, they have put together components used in their products and packaging. From the Tencel thread, the zip tape to the final packaging, customers can be assured there is no plastic in their purchase.

Reducing their carbon footprint is also a top priority. Furthermore, keeping production in the UK, in a friendly manufacturing facility in Newcastle upon Tyne, the brand ensures a streamlined production process, ensuring high quality and fair working conditions.

With plans to grow the product range, currently on offer are homeware accessories including toiletries bags, plant pouches,  soap and toothbrush pouches ideal for summer travels.

Cera Cotton details:

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