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Narlaka summer vibes

narlaka summer vibes

Always on the lookout for British brands that define their unique style, I came across Narlaka at the Pure London back in July. This new British fashion brand was founded in 2015 in Sri Lanka by two friends, Jessica Wathen and Amy Nicholson. It was created out of passion for adventure and festivals for women that are fearless. Asked about Narlaka summer vibes, they say..

narlaka is a concept that arose from a collective mindset inspired by the magical prints in southern Asia, the fearless attitudes of festival goers, and the carefree spirit of those chasing the sun.  The brand is youthful and daring, with a flair of bohemian spirit. We want to create special items that we felt were missing from our own wardrobes and put them into yours.
Here is a small selection of my favourite pieces from their latest collection, which I think are perfect for summer holidays. I call them Narlaka summer vibes.


Narlaka - Michelle-70


Narlaka - Michelle-89

Narlaka - Michelle-71

Narlaka - Michelle-21

To shop this collection, you can visit Narlaka website. If you like what they are doing, show them your support and leave a comment on their Instagram feed too. #highlightingbritishbrands