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When you are the founder, moments of motivation are very elusive. If you have a team, you are probably motivating your staff and people you work with, but what about you? Everyone needs motivational encouragement from time to time, especially in times when you hit a wall. 

Whether it’s a mental block, a physical obstacle, the loss of a sale, or the fear of the unknown holding you back, take comfort in the fact that every successful business owner has encountered a similar situation.

To help you stay motivated and positive when facing setbacks, and in times of doubt, failure, frustration and fear,  spend time reading through some of these articles and words of encouragement. The aim: never give up and recognise that the problem you’re having is an opportunity waiting to be unpacked.

Useful articles to help you move forward

How to deal with stress and task overwhelm

Managing your priorities

Finding clarity and motivation

The mindset that leads to success and fulfilment

Words of encouragement